4 things to notice while buying a hand bag

August 10, 2015 17:20
4 things to notice while buying a hand bag

A hand bag is something, which adds an extra flavor on your body, along with the stylish attire. So, why to compromise on such extra flavor, with which you has a chance of getting identified, by many eyes in the places you wander. Follow the tips below, to arrest all such eyes and keep them for you, without letting them, from moving to another.

1) Seller should believe in authenticity of handbag:

Not money, it is authenticity that should actually matter a seller. Observe and pick such seller and buy the bag.

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2) Be the master in identifying the fake handbags:

A fake bag cannot be distinguished from the original one, just like that. A lot of examinations like feeling it in hand, the markers quality, leather quality and the weight as such, matters to identify the fake ones. Pay special attention on the font. If it is different from what actually it should be, beware of it.

3) Check the serial on handbag:

Generally, the luxury brands have serial numbers or other internal markers, which proves the authenticity.

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4) Little things on handbags do all damage:

Though the bag might not be differed from far, but the small things matters a lot. Example: The stitching should be straight, find out whether the engraving on the hardware is smooth or not. Hardware itself should not look cheap or plastic-y. The zippers can often be a dead giveaway. All designer brands have zipper brands of choice, and some make their own zippers and stamp them as such. This is a small detail, but it is one fakes often get wrong.

The tips above are just dealt in brief. There might be many other things which you might have observed. Post your observations, so that it helps the needy.

By Phani

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