• statutory liquidity ratio, Consumer price-index, interest rates may be unchanged, Dex

    Interest rates may be unchanged 03 August 2015

    The chances of a rate revision of the Reserve Bank of India are very remote. The Export-Import Bank of India states that, the rising trend in inflation seen over the last two months and the rainfall deficits is expected to...

    Keywords: RBI, cash reserve ratio, repo rate, statutory liquidity ratio

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    Modi Run Game, Google Play Station, narendra modi means business, Dex

    Narendra Modi Means Business 26 September 2013

    Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP's PM's candidate now campaigning for BJP for 2014 elections certainly has a way mixing business with politics and administration.   Yesterday SmartNamo, an adroid smart phone was launched that attracted many...

    Keywords: Modi Run Game, SmartNamo Android phone, BJP, 2014 elections

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    India Business News, Inflation in November, inflation drops to 5 month low, Dex

    Inflation drops to 5-month low 15 January 2014

    India's inflation eased to a five-month low in December on lower vegetable prices. The wholesale price index (WPI), India's main inflation indicator, recorded an annual 6.16 percent last month, its slowest pace since July 2013. The vegetable prices have fallen...

    Keywords: RBI, Inflation in November, Inflation drops, India Business News

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    Wholesale Price Index, December Inflation, inflation drops further in february, Dex

    Inflation drops further in February 14 March 2014

    Inflation fell to nine-month low of 4.68 per cent in February. The food inflation, based on Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is down to 8.12 per cent in February, compared to 8.8 per cent in the previous month. The overall inflation...

    Keywords: January Inflation, January Inflation, RBI, Business News

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    Global Ease of Doing Business Index ranks, India, india jumps 23 spots in ease of doing business, Dex

    India Jumps 23 Spots In Ease Of Doing Business 01 November 2018

    India Jumps 23 Spots In Ease Of Doing Business:- India took a huge lead after it jumped 23 spots and secured 77th rank in the Global Ease of Doing Business Index as per the report from the World Bank. Indian...

    Keywords: Global Ease of Doing Business Index rank, Global Ease of Doing Business Index rank, Global Ease of Doing Business Index rank, Global Ease of Doing Business Index rank

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    PM, Air quality index, narendra modi launches air quality index, Dex

    Narendra modi launches Air Quality Index 06 April 2015

    Modi will launch the first national air quality index regarding  the government's fight against air pollution on Monday. The index will inform the public about the pollution level in the air day to day in real time. The main aim...

    Keywords: Air quality index, Air quality index, Modi, Modi

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    air purifiers in Hyderabad, Hyderabad air pollution latest, to battle pollution ghmc to install air purifiers, Dex

    To Battle Pollution, GHMC to Install Air Purifiers 13 November 2019

    To Battle Pollution, GHMC to Install Air Purifiers:- The rise of air pollution across the cities is sure a worrying factor in the country. In an effort to keep Hyderabad free from the growing pollution, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation...

    Keywords: Hyderabad air pollution, Hyderabad air pollution latest, Hyderabad air pollution latest, Hyderabad

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    inflation measure., Costly imports, high food prices push inflation up, Dex

    High food prices push inflation up 14 August 2013

    Increased food prices and costly imports have contributed to a faster rise in inflation in the past month. A rise of 5.79% is the fastest that inflation has jumped in the last 5 months. Costlier diesel equaled higher agricultural prices,...

    Keywords: fall in rupee, High food prices, Inflation, India inflation rise

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    RBI Repo Rate, global oil prices, rbi cuts policy rate, Dex

    RBI cuts Policy Rate 15 January 2015

    The Reserve Bank of India has cut the Repo Rate by 0.25 per cent with immediate effect which could be a huge relief to the money lenders. This is RBI's first cut since 2013 and it is also a surprise...

    Keywords: RBI Policy Review, RBI, Repo Rate, RBI Policy Review

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    New Delhi updates, New Delhi air quality, delhi s air quality turns normal after five days, Dex

    Delhi's Air Quality Turns Normal After Five Days 18 June 2018

    Delhi's Air Quality Turns Normal After Five Days:- The air quality in the national capital has been worrying the country. Despite of several attempts, the quality of air stayed worse in the recent months. After a gap of five days,...

    Keywords: New Delhi, Air Quality Index, New Delhi latest, New Delhi new

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    google reequips internet search engine, internet giant softly moves with change, google reequips internet search engine, Dex

    Google reequips internet search engine 27 September 2013

    There was an announcement that internet giant Google has softly reorganized the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to give better answers to the increasingly complex questions posed by Web surfers. The restoration to serviceable condition came as...

    Keywords: internet giant google, google's search rankings, google hummingbird, indexes websites

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    bigger belly men, bigger belly men, bigger belly men give more pleasure, Dex

    Bigger Belly men, give more pleasure 23 January 2015

    According to a recent study, men with bigger bellies last five minutes longer than the slimmer men in bed, so women don't worry if your partner has a large tummy as he would give you more pleasure. The study was...

    Keywords: BMI, Kayseri, premature ejaculation, male romance performance

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    Wholesale price Index, Wholesale Price Inflation, inflation hits five months high, Dex

    Inflation hits five months high 16 June 2014

    The Wholesale Price Inflation rose to 6.01 per cent for the May month said the government data on Monday. This is driven by higher food and fuel costs and with Iraq crisis, India is likely to face more tough situations...

    Keywords: Inflation, India Business news, Wholesale price Index, Iraq crisis

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    Sensex, BSE, sensex jumps 400 points, Dex

    Sensex jumps 400 points 07 March 2014

    After the Elections Schedule announcement the Stock markets are rallying at super speed. On  Friday the Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] jumped 400 points and and hit a record high of 21,960.89. The Sensex ended at 21,920, up 406 points, while...

    Keywords: Business News, Stock markets, Indian Rupee value, Sensex

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    Quick news, Inflation dropped to four-month low, inflation drops in june, Dex

    Inflation drops in June 14 July 2014

    The Wholesale price Index [WPI] based Inflation dropped to four-month low in June to 5.43 percent. Government data showed food prices increased by 8.14 per cent in June this year as compared to a jump of 10.27 per cent in...

    Keywords: Wholesale price Index, Quick news, Inflation drops in June, Wholesale price Index

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    food and agriculture organisation ensures decline in global food prices, united nations world food programme, fao ensures fall in global food prices, Dex

    FAO ensures fall in global food prices! 04 July 2013

    The United Nations' food agency brought into prominence on Thursday, global food prices known to have declined by1 per cent in June described as similar to the preceding month due to drops in dairy and sugar costs as well as...

    Keywords: food and agriculture organisation, food and agriculture organisation ensures decline in global food prices, united nations world food programme, global food prices.

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    Happiness Index, Future Decoded, ap cm chandrababu naidu starts happiness index department in india, Dex

    AP CM Chandrababu Naidu Starts Happiness Index Department in India 05 April 2017

    The successor state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is going to have an exclusive happiness index (HI) department, by the State CM, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu Naidu, who started this project as his pet scheme, is going to head the HI...

    Keywords: India, India, Future Decoded, Microsoft India

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    Drones, Drones To Door Deliver Package To Customers, drones to door deliver package to customers, Dex

    Drones To Door Deliver Package To Customers 06 December 2013

    Drones the unmanned aircrafts so far known for using to spy or to shoot working for the Governments are going to change its face and going to do errands for the masters of private companies. Amazon announced that the company...

    Keywords: world’s largest parcel service UPS, world’s largest parcel service UPS, Drones To Door Deliver Package To Customers, Amazon

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    face indicates the health condition of a woman, wrinkles, face is index of life span, Dex

    Face is Index of Life Span? 09 November 2013

    There is a saying that face is the index of mind. The great poet Shakespeare said "Though men can cover crimes with bold, stern looks, poor women’s faces are their own faults' books". But the scientists also say that a...

    Keywords: wrinkles, Ageing, women, skin wrinkles

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    Union Finance Minister Chidambaram, New Delhi, government pays price for price rise chidambaram, Dex

    Government Pays Price For Price Rise- Chidambaram 11 December 2013

    The Union Finance Minister Chidambaram admitted in the Delhi Economic Conclave in New Delhi that the current inflation caused Congress Government loose elections in four states. He said, "It is common knowledge that the government of the day will pay...

    Keywords: RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, Headlines, political news, commodities

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