• look, Wardrobe, sort out before spending on your wardrobe, Cotton

    Sort out before spending on your Wardrobe! 02 April 2012

    Your money, your life and your wish to spend your money… at the same time, it is even necessary to maintain your earnings (your clothes bought out of your earnings)… best clothes are the statement of a ‘Best Look’, then...

    Keywords: Sanctum, spending on Wardrobe, lighter color palettes, spending on Wardrobe

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    meeting, cotton exports, pm convenes meeting on cotton export, Cotton

    PM convenes meeting on cotton export 30 April 2012

    With the export of cotton issue is still a matter of controversy, the prime minister Manmohan Singh is scheduled to convene a meeting to look into the action and call for an action. He is likely to allow the shipment...

    Keywords: prime minister, prime minister, prime minister, prime minister

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    Pick cotton wisely, lippy or nail polish, how to make cosmetics last longer, Cotton

    How to make cosmetics last longer? 24 September 2012

    Whether it's a lippy or nail polish, beauty products are every woman's valued possession. Since most of them come with a hefty price tag, we tell you how to save make-up and your hard-earned money. Cover it with a lid...

    Keywords: Pick cotton wisely, beauty products, beauty products, beauty products

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    clerk jobs, CCI, jobs clerk jobs in cci, Cotton

    JOBS: Clerk jobs in CCI 18 October 2014

    Cotton Corporation of India [CCI] has called for hiring of 150 clerks posts and interested candidates must apply for the vacant post before the deadline ends. However, all the posts are temporary and candidates who are looking for experience are...

    Keywords: Cotton Corporation of India, clerk jobs CCI, Cotton Corporation of India, jobs CCI

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    Telangana Cotton Millers and Traders Welfare Association, K Chandrashekhar Rao, cotton mills in telangana appeal state govt to waive power penalty charges, Cotton

    Cotton Mills in Telangana Appeal State Govt To Waive Power Penalty Charges 22 August 2017

    Cotton Mills in Telangana Appeal State Govt To Waive Power Penalty Charges:- To waive the power penalty charges levied on the cotton ginning and pressing industries in erstwhile AP State, the Telangana Cotton Millers and Traders Welfare Association has appealed...

    Keywords: Telangana Cotton Millers and Traders Welfare Association, Telangana Cotton Millers and Traders Welfare Association, K Chandrashekhar Rao, K Chandrashekhar Rao

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    Janasena Kavathu crowds, Janasena Kavathu new, permissions rejected for janasena kavathu pawan reaches cotton barrage, Cotton

    Permissions Rejected For Janasena Kavathu: Pawan Reaches Cotton Barrage 15 October 2018

    Permissions Rejected For Janasena Kavathu: Pawan Reaches Cotton Barrage:- Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is all set to roar with Janasena Kavathu which is taking place today in East Godavari district. The event has been planned with a massive foot march...

    Keywords: Janasena Kavathu latest, Janasena Kavathu expectations, Janasena Kavathu updates, Janasena Kavathu news

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    colorful cotton dress, Cotton dress summer, stay cool this summer, Cotton

    Stay cool this summer 16 April 2013

    Cottons are our favorite particularly to beat the heat, this season. Cottons would keep us cool and let not the harsh climate affect us, at a major extent. But, maintaining cottons are really a big task... not actually... with simple...

    Keywords: cotton dress., dress code summer, Cotton dress summer, cotton dress.

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    shades, dress code, clothing tips for men, Cotton

    Clothing tips for men 26 February 2013

    Wearing a light colored shirt made of cotton or linen (white/ similar) and embarassed about the undershirt/vest that is showing through the shirt? Gone are the days of such agony. It doesn't make a good impression when someone can see...

    Keywords: clothing tips, men clothing, dress code, light gray

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    Cotton Candy Milkshake, food, cotton candy milkshake shots recipe, Cotton

    Cotton Candy Milkshake Shots Recipe 01 September 2016

    Every kid loves cotton candy. You know that you can make a fun, simple and totally delicious milkshake with cotton candy. Here is the Recipe. Ingredients 2 pints vanilla ice cream OR cotton candy ice cream1 1/2 cups cotton candy (any color)1/2 cup...

    Keywords: Cotton Candy Milkshake, Cotton Candy Milkshake, Cotton Candy Milkshake, Recipe

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    Cotton Cultivation, Red Chillies Cultivation, chilli farmers move to lucrative cotton in ap, Cotton

    Chilli Farmers Move To Lucrative Cotton In AP 14 October 2017

    Chilli Farmers Move To Lucrative Cotton In AP:- The farmers in Andhra Pradesh have been forced to give up the cultivation of chillies and now they have moved in favor of the lucrative cotton. This is because of the disappointing...

    Keywords: Red Chillies Cultivation, AP Farmers, Cotton Cultivation, Cotton Cultivation

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    Anand Sharma, curbs on sugar exports, government to remove curbs on sugar exports, Cotton

    Government to remove curbs on sugar exports 04 May 2012

    India is the biggest consumer and second biggest producer of sugar and controls the industry through procurement prices set by both centre and the state governments, to keep its prices stable. The government has decided to remove curbs on sugar...

    Keywords: curbs on sugar exports, exports of cotton, Anand Sharma, Indian Sugar Mills Associations

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    apply it with cotton balls or 1 q-tips, , add volume to your eyes, Cotton

    Add 'volume' to your eyes! 10 July 2012

    If you believe your eyes talking your mind, then eye lashes would also support that communication in a better way, with a lot of beauty... know what you can do for thicker eye lashes; You can find castor oil at...

    Keywords: sastor oil to apply on eye brow, mineral oil, apply it with cotton balls or 1 q-tips, mineral oil

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    humidity, cotton outfits, maintain your beauty in rainy season, Cotton

    Maintain your beauty in rainy season 24 July 2012

    When rainy season arrives, your skin definitely demands extra attention as humidity and infection would be high in the air. And no wonder that it is during this season that many people catch skin infections. But, adhering to a few...

    Keywords: cosmetics, cosmetics, rainy season, skin care

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    Full body scrubbing, Regular beauty cares, for the big day in your life, Cotton

    For the 'BIG' day in your life... 25 July 2012

    You might have followed n number of beauty tips to retain your glowing skin... but, the final touch before your Wedding do matters... It is said that beauty comes from within but it only comes when you take care of...

    Keywords: toning and moisturizer of face, Take cotton ball, waxing, Full body scrubbing

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    Cottonwood Crescent, Cottonwood Crescent, indian techie fells to death in sydney, Cotton

    Indian Techie fells to death in Sydney 02 April 2015

    An Indian Techie named Pankaj Saw, fell from a top-floor balcony and died.  The man may have been speaking on phone to his family when he fell from balcony and died in Sydney.Emergency services were called to an apartment block...

    Keywords: Cottonwood Crescent, Indian Techie, Cottonwood Crescent, Karen Weller

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    , silk, bengaluru is silk capital, Cotton

    Bengaluru is silk capital! 07 September 2012

    Sometimes we get our costumes designed but usually, I design all the costumes for most of our performances. Earlier we had to source material from Delhi, but Bengaluru has definitely emerged as the silk capital of India. Commercial Street is...

    Keywords: silk, cotton, silk,

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    Clumsy look, traditional heavy cotton sarees, sari for slim and trim body, Cotton

    Sari for slim and trim body 02 May 2012

    Sari is one such type of attire that is suitable to any occasions for any body type and for any type of weight… but, it is all about choosing the best and looking the best in every attire, so as...

    Keywords: sari plum body type, looking the best every attire, looking the best every attire, looking the best every attire

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    subtle wedding wear, subtle wedding wear, are we ready for the cotton bride, Cotton

    Are we ready for the cotton bride? 05 September 2012

    Indian weddings are becoming more opulent with every passing day. Couples spend hours deciding about what to wear for the various functions. However, there are others, who opt for austere weddings and subtle wedding wear. And when it comes to...

    Keywords: subtle wedding wear, we ready for the cotton bride, subtle wedding wear, Indian weddings are becoming

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    apply sun screen, , summer on the way, Cotton

    Summer on the way... 15 February 2013

    Winter is on of course, but coming up is more dangerous... it is summer boss. Not many days left... while taking care of your health in winter, prepare for summer health care as well; It is better to stay indoors...

    Keywords: apply sun screen, sunlight, cottons are best for summer, cool drinks

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    Summer Kurtis, Sleeveless Kurtis, selection tips of kurtis for women, Cotton

    Selection Tips of Kurtis for Women 18 August 2012

    More than 10 years from now, in the fashion industry, particularly for urban middle or above middle class Woman/Girls, 'Kurtis' are all time favorites. Be it as a daily use or a party ware or for an outing, Kurtis' are...

    Keywords: Sleeveless Kurtis, Sleeveless Kurtis, Kurtis, Kurtis

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