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  • Breast feeding may expose babies to harmful chemicals, how breast feeding effect babies, breastfeeding can make your baby sick finds study, Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding can make your baby sick, finds study 21 August 2015

    Breastfeeding for a long time may expose infants to a class of industrial chemicals linked with cancer and immune system dysfunction, according to a new study. The study co-authored by experts from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, the...

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    , , breastfeeding tied to stronger lungs less asthma, Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding tied to stronger lungs, less asthma 25 October 2012

    Kids who were breastfed as babies may have better lung function, and a lower risk of asthma, than those who were formula-fed, two new reports suggest. Researchers said that past studies have found conflicting results when it comes to the...

    Keywords: Kids, , , Less Asthma

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    breast milk nutritional value, breast milk nutritional value, breastfeeding may protect from obesity, Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding may protect from obesity 08 April 2015

    A new study suggests breastfeeding for a baby as it has high nutritional benefits when compared to formula milk. The researchers state that the components of milk will differ in lean and obese mothers which are responsible for the differences...

    Keywords: breast milk nutritional value, protect kids from obesity, breastfeeding benefits, breast milk nutritional value

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    high romantic drive in breastfeeding women, post pregnancy changes, why breastfeeding women have more romantic drive, Breastfeeding

    Why Breastfeeding women have more romantic drive? 07 April 2015

    US researchers revealed the reason why breastfeeding women are more proactive in romance than others. The study by Michelle Escasa-Dorne of the University of Colorado stated that new mothers spend more time in the bedroom with the partners in the...

    Keywords: women tend to have more romance after child birth, post pregnancy changes, women tend to have more romance after child birth, post pregnancy changes

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    parenting, green living, green babies, Breastfeeding

    Green babies 22 February 2012

    You can create a safe, healthy, non-toxic haven for your baby starting with decorating the new nursery. After all, nothing brightens a room more than a fresh lick of paint. But not all paints are environmentally friendly — in fact,...

    Keywords: natural baby, Children, Babies, green living

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    baby drinking, breastfeed, breastfeeding in america, Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding in America... 21 August 2012

    Breastfeeding: What's Wrong in America? Why do so many American women eagerly anticipate breastfeeding their new baby only to find themselves three weeks later partially breastfeeding and then by six weeks not breastfeeding at all? Everyone knows that breastfeeding and...

    Keywords: gorilla living in captivity, baby drinking, breastfeed, making enough milk

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    women breastfeeds dog, breastfeeding pet dog, woman breastfeeds dog, Breastfeeding

    Woman breastfeeds dog 23 October 2012

    Nothing is equal to mother's love for her children, said Nostradamus. This is, in fact, true. Holding the baby in her arms and breast feeding him/her will make a mother forget the nine months pain she undergoes. But what if...

    Keywords: US woman, US woman, weird news, breastfeeds dog

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