Simple Exercises For Shoulder And Neck

April 20, 2020 17:52
Simple Exercises For Shoulder And Neck

Simple Exercises For Shoulder And Neck:- If you are experiencing pain in the shoulder and your neck, here are some of the exercises that can be worked from home instead of trying them at the gym. Here are the short tips:

Stand straight facing towards the wall. Spread your fingers after extending your hands and place them on the wall. Apply some force to push your hands against the wall. Squeeze the shoulder blades and keep your shoulders away from your ears. Repeat the same with your fingers. You can end the exercise by rotating the palms.

Place a chair next to the wall and the seat of the chair should be towards the wall. Turn back towards the chair after holding the top end of the chair with your right hand. Also, hold the other end of the chair with your left hand. Keep the hips straight and squeeze the shoulder blades.

Place the first palm on the wall and keep it crawling upwards to keep the hand straight. Keep your elbow fixed on the wall and try to touch your back after bending your arm. Repeat these to get rid of the shoulder and neck pains.

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