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  • healthy, Eat light Food, eat light and stay healthy, Carbohydrates

    Eat light and stay healthy 17 December 2013

    The cold days of winter could be unhealth for you, if you are not careful about what you eat. Eat food that provides ample amount of Vitamin C to your body. It's also advisable to eat light as it keeps...

    Keywords: cold weather, Meal, Meal, light meal

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    carbohydrates, tips for healthy carbs, tips for eating more healthy carbs, Carbohydrates

    Tips for eating more healthy carbs 21 November 2012

    Choose healthy carbohydrates and fiber sources, especially whole grains, for long lasting energy. In addition to being delicious and satisfying, whole grains are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which help to protect against coronary heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes....

    Keywords: tips for healthy carbs, fruits, healthy carbohydrates, vegetables

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    basal metabolic rate, importance of calories, significance of calories, Carbohydrates

    Significance of calories! 17 June 2013

    Experts explained while they emphasized on the fact that hot and crispy fried snacks, sweets, carbohydrates-rich food as well as others similar should be avoided if we want to keep a check on our weight, yet do provide calories to...

    Keywords: anti-depressant medicines, snap fitness india, allergy medications, importance of calories

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    How carbohydrates make humans smarter?, how to increase memory, carbohydrate consumption can make humans smarter finds study, Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrate consumption can make humans smarter, finds study 08 August 2015

    According to a new study it was revealed that carbohydrate consumption, particularly in the form of starch was critical for the accelerated expansion of the human brain over the last million years. The study suggests that eating meat may have...

    Keywords: How carbohydrates make humans smarter?, how to increase memory, Carbohydrate consumption can make humans smarter, Intake of carbohydrates can make humans smarter

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    nutritional food, six pack abs, health now and before where we are going wrong, Carbohydrates

    Health now and before, where we are going wrong 11 July 2013

    Maintaining good health now is seemingly harder than before. Something somewhere is amiss. During the times of our grandmother and grandfather, they ate differently. Foods were more natural and wholesome. These days, our generation is exposed to high sugary food....

    Keywords: fit body, Mahesh six pack, good food, healthy body

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    carbohydrates consumption, rice cooking for obese patients, simple cooking trick to slash calories in rice, Carbohydrates

    Simple cooking trick to slash calories in rice 25 March 2015

    Scientists have developed a new, simple way to cook rice that could cut the number of calories absorbed by the body by more than half. As Rice is the main Indian staple, the Sri Lankan scientists have found out a...

    Keywords: reduce calories in rice, rice cooking for obese patients, Sri Lankan scientists, preparation of low calories rice

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    Stamina, Proteins, the top 10 foods to build your stamina and endurance, Carbohydrates

    The Top 10 Foods To Build Your Stamina And Endurance 11 October 2017

    The Top 10 Foods To Build Your Stamina And Endurance:- Given the rigorous work schedules that all of us follow, the body stamina and endurance are very tough to achieve. You do not feel motivated often to hit the gym...

    Keywords: Diet And Fitness, Foods To Build Your Stamina And Endurance, Proteins, Carbohydrates

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