Some more add on’s for your better health

January 11, 2013 18:09
Some more add on’s for your better health

Transforming your life is a healthy way to lead a good life style. Apart from all the health tips you know and follow these are some more health tips that can help you lead a better life style;

No matter how much urge you have to loose your excess weight as soon as possible, but never even try to skip a meal… be it morning breakfast, lunch and dinner… eat every meal and eat healthy, apart from including your favorite food in the meal.

Keep an eye on what are you eating and how much you are eating… talking over phone while eating, watching T.V. are the biggest drawbacks as we do not have control on what and how much we are eating and most of the time, tend to eat more than regular, that will cause excess weight gain. So, watch out what you eat and the quantity of food you eat.

It is better to keep a check on what are you eating and the quantity of food intake. At the same time, it is not good to over control your food consumption and end up starving yourself as well… Doctors do advice upvaas at the same time, they advice us to eat fruits and semi cooked vegetables during upavaas so that we do not end up eating too much after we break the fast… same strategy applies while we eat regularly as well.

Always try to control the number of tea/coffee intakes and sugary items… try to have these minus sugar, cut down your sweet tooth and have juices minus sugar…

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