Boost your brain!

May 21, 2012 19:11
Boost your brain!

Do you often feel the need to boost your brain? If yes, then you are at the right place. We tell you top five methods to boost your brain. Have a quick look at them and adhere to the five-point formula to keep your brain healthy.

1.    Eat strawberries: A research carried out over 16,000 female nurses in the United States of America has proved that the more number of people who ate strawberries were less prone to Alzheimer’s disease.


2.    Green tea: Several scientists have conducted experiments on rats. They gave green tea to some rats and the results showed that rats that drank green tea had strong cells from harmful effects of amyloid, which is toxic protein that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.


3.    Another language: Another best way to keep away from Alzheimer’s disease. Speaking more than one language will help in boosting cognitive reserve.


4.    Exercise: Studies indicate that people who take part in daily exercises such a cleaning house, cooking and playing cards reduced the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. So, make cooking and cleaning your daily habit.


5.    Eat broccoli: Brocolli, which is similar to cabbage, has a chemical sulforaphane. This chemical will be useful in fighting cell damage caused by certain toxic proteins that lead to Alzheimer’s diseas Ale.


Therefore, stick to these five things hereafter to make sure that you won’t develop cognitive problems and forgetfulness.


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