6 tips for perfect meditation

May 04, 2016 16:32
6 tips for perfect meditation

Everyone dreams of doing meditation regularly, knowing the advantages, but due to the lack of proper knowledge about it, several fail in doing it properly. Here are 8 tips to complete the meditation successfully.

1. Right time and place

There is no such specific time, you need to sit and meditate strictly. You can choose anytime in the day, but make sure, in such time, you would not be disturbed by anybody, even the phone calls and also should not be able to hear any loud sounds around.

2. Comfortable posture

Even the posture, you sit for meditation, shows the influence. So, make sure that  posture puts you in relaxed, comfortable and steady mode. Sit straight, erecting the spine. Relax the shoulders and neck close the eyes. Then sitting in Padmasana (the lotus position) is a very common myth of meditation.

3. With empty stomach

Meditation before going to the meal would be the perfect time, because, after consuming food, you might doze off.

However, if you are really very hungry, do not force your body to perform meditation because, at that time, your concentration would anyway be on the food, rather than on meditation. So, it is better, you opt to meditate, at least after two hours of taking the food.

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4. Warm Ups

Before sitting to meditate, few warm ups and lighter yoga exercises helps to improve the blood circulation, removes inertia and makes the body feel lighter. This even helps in making you sit for a longer time and meditate peacefully.

5. Gentle smile throughout

A gentle smile through the process of meditation can show you the difference. It helps in keeping yourself relaxed and makes you feel good while meditating.

6. Dont hurry to open eyes

When you are done with the meditation, don’t be in a hurry to rush out of the place. Open the eyes gently and aware of yourself and the surroundings around.

By Phani Ch

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