5 tips for a perfect first kiss

June 30, 2015 18:24
5 tips for a perfect first kiss

The first kiss. Who would be an exception to avoid it. Whatever range of romance we have in our lives, the first kiss that we give our partner always occupies a high significance. So make it memorable in such a way that it can bring a smile on your face, even when you recollect it in your old age.  
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Do not burst instantly

However, high the girl loves you, she might hate your kiss if you are not even caring of what she is feeling and instead kissing in hunger.

First Kiss

Tease the lips  

Hold the girl nearer to you and put your lips closer to hers. Instead of kissing immediately, wait for an action from the other side. If she leans forward, take it for granted that she is interested in kissing you.

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First Kiss

Hold her cheek while kissing  

Move your finger over her cheek and express your passion for her in doing so. Within no time, she will fall for you.

First Kiss

Give a genuine smile

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Instead of involving in kissing completely, watch your partner’s eyes while kissing. Believe it is a magic to experience it, when the girl smiles back in that situation.

First Kiss

Hug her tightly  

It makes her feel that you do not want her to go away anywhere and own you completely. She feels secure in this posture.

First Kiss

These are just five tips for the first kissers, but there might be few other tips, where you feel is possible. Post those tips in the comments below. But make sure, they are practically possible.

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