Paani Puri is better than a boyfriend

June 01, 2015 12:50
Paani Puri is better than a boyfriend

In any relation, there would be love, emotions, quarrels, breakups and more. Generally, the girls would face more headaches in life, compared to the boys. In those cases, why to choose a boyfriend when you have a better choice like in the form of Paani Puri. 

5 facts that prove Paani Puri is better than a boyfriend

1. You can smash it: 

If the girls try to show the upper hand on boyfriend, the reaction would be taken immediately by the boys. But there is no such problem with the Panipuri. Smash it as much as you can, it never counters you. 
2. No need of makeover:

For meeting boys, girls need to make up hours together. If they do not do that, boys might feel that their girlfriends do not even care to appear good while meeting them. But, though you can go in a night suit to eat paani puri, it will not oppose you.      

3. It will not tease you

By eating more and more of paani puri, though you become fat, it will not scold or tease
you saying, that you are fat.

4. No question of Possessiveness:

Posessiveness is the major thing which can kill any relation. If the girlfriend talks to another boy by mistake, it would be a serious issue to the boy, whereas, the girls can even take a boy to eat pani puri, it would still taste good.

5. Romantic masala

Finally, the most important thing among any couple, that is romance. Doing it with your partner might get boring, as time lapses. But, the masala in paani puri remains spicier always.

So, if you are disturbed with your boyfriend, choose paani puri. In fact, this would not make him possessive and so you are safe always.

By Phani

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