• Ponnam Prabhakar, MP Ponnam controversial remarks on CM, why no case against ashok babu vh, Apngos

    Why no case against Ashok Babu?: VH 04 January 2014

    Telangana Rajya Sabha MP V Hanumantha Rao slammed on the police department for being biased. Commenting on case filed against Karimnagar MP Ponnam Prabhakar for making controversial remarks on CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, VH also demanded that police should take...

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    Kiran new party launch, Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, kiran to announce new party today, Apngos

    Kiran to announce new party today? 06 March 2014

    Andhra Pradesh ex-chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy who is playing hide & seek regarding the launch of a new political party is more likely nail down the curtains today. If sources are to be believed, today at 4 PM Kiran...

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    Top Stories, APNGOs association elections 2014, ashok babu wins apngos elections, Apngos

    Ashok Babu wins APNGOs elections 06 January 2014

    Ashok Babu and his panel has won the APNGOs association elections 2014, with huge majority and is likely to retain the President position for next three years. Out of 835 votes that were polled, Ashok Babu got 630 and his...

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    two days bandh by APNGOs, two days bandh by APNGOs, apngos call off two day bandh, Apngos

    APNGOs call off two day bandh 15 January 2014

    APNGOs president Ashok Babu on Tuesday said that the bandh which they have called for on 17th and 18th of this month has been called off as people would be returning from holidays to work place. Instead Chalo Hyderabad has...

    Keywords: Telugu News, AP bifurcation, Telugu News, APNGOs president Ashok Babu

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    Wishesh Special, CM Kiran Kumar Resigned, kiran a true warrior for united ap, Apngos

    Kiran - A True Warrior for United AP 19 February 2014

    Kiran Kumar Reddy has crowned the Chief Minister post without any experience. When he was selected by the Congress High Command, many criticized the decision with lack of experience in handling the minister post but Kiran took up the challenge...

    Keywords: Special News, Congress, BJP, APNGOs

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    Telugu News, APSRTC, bandh in seemandhra assembly postponed, Apngos

    Bandh in Seemandhra, Assembly postponed! 03 January 2014

    With Telangana Bill getting placed in Assembly, the Seemandhra region which is agitating for united Andhra Pradesh went for a complete shut down today. Major political parties and APNGOs have called for bandh and so the their workers have successfully...

    Keywords: Seemandhra region, Assembly Speaker Manohar, AP Assembly, Assembly winter Sessions

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    APNGO's Association Elections, Samaikya movement, basheer panel of apngos contests against ashok babu, Apngos

    Basheer Panel of APNGOs Contests Against Ashok Babu 05 January 2014

    Ashok Babu the President of APNGOs' Association has become popular after his active participation in Samaikyandhra movement. He was unanimously elected as the President of Samaikya Rashtra Parirakshana Vedika and almost all associations participated in the Samaikya movement expressed their...

    Keywords: elections of APNGOs Association, Telugu news, Ashok Babu, Ashok Babu

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    APNGOs, Ashok Babu, political parties are not coming with us, Apngos

    Political parties are not coming with us 07 January 2014

    APNGOs president Ashok Babu has blamed the political parties for joining hands with them to intensify the united Andhra Pradesh agitations. "We have waited for them but they are in no mood and now employees will take up the agitations,"...

    Keywords: Telugu News, APNGOs president Ashok Babu, AP State Bifurcation, Political News

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    Top Stories, APNGO President Ashok Babu, apngos strike from midnight, Apngos

    APNGOs strike from midnight 05 February 2014

    The APNGOs have called for strike from today midnight in the wake of bifurcation of the state issue. APNGOs president Ashok Babu has issued the strike notice to Chief Secretary in this regards. Except the RTC employees all the unions...

    Keywords: T-Bill, Telangana Bill, Telangana Bill, Political News

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    APNGOs, AP Assembly, apngos yet to get permission for protest, Apngos

    APNGOs yet to get permission for protest 21 January 2014

    The City Police are yet to give clearance to the APNGOs regarding their protest in favor of United Andhra Pradesh. Speaking to media APNGOs president Ashok Babu said, "we haven't got any confirmation regarding our permission for protest. If the...

    Keywords: Ashok Babu, APNGOs protest near assembly, Top stories, Top stories

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    APNGOs call of strike, Ramleela maidan, apngos call of strike, Apngos

    APNGOs call of strike 19 February 2014

    APNGOs who were on strike from February 5th on behalf on the United Andhra Pradesh have called off the strike as the Telangana Bill got approved in Lok Sabha. The Seemandhra Employees union took this decision yesterday and will join...

    Keywords: APNGOs Ashok Babu, Ashok Babu, Ashok Babu, Telangana

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    GMR, GMR, gmr group donates rs 2 50 crores, Apngos

    GMR group donates Rs 2.50 crores 18 October 2014

    GMR group has donated Rs 2.50 crores to the cyclone victims of Visakhapatnam to the chief minister's relief fund. The representatives of GMR met AP CM Chandrababu Naidu in the afternoon and handed over the cheque. The AP CM has...

    Keywords: hudhud cyclone Vizag, hudhud cyclone Vizag, hudhud, hudhud cyclone Vizag

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    Quick News, High Court stay on land alloted to APNGOs, high court stays on apngos land, Apngos

    High Court stays on APNGOs land 07 July 2014

    In a huge embarrassment to the Telangana government, the High Court of Hyderabad has issued a stay on the land alloted to APNGOs which was taken by the government last week. The 189 acres of land at Gopanpalli was seized...

    Keywords: High Court of Hyderabad, APNGOs Land, High Court stay on land alloted to APNGOs, land alloted to APNGOs

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    APNGOs to felicitate Chandrababu, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, apngos to felicitate chandrababu, Apngos

    APNGOs to felicitate Chandrababu 28 June 2014

    Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu will be felicitated by APNGOs in vijayawada but the date has not been confirmed so far. NGOs president Ashok Babu met Chandrababu at Lake View Guest house to conveyed the message to him and...

    Keywords: APNGOs to felicitate Chandrababu, Ashok Babu met Chandrababu, APNGOs to felicitate Chandrababu, APNGOs to felicitate AP CM Chandrababu Naidu

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    Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officer, APNGOs Ashok Babu, apngos call for two days bandh, Apngos

    APNGOs call for two days bandh 10 January 2014

    The Andhra Pradesh Non-Gazetted Officer association president Ashok Babu has called for two days bandh on 17th and 18th of this month. On Friday afternoon, APNGOs held meeting with all the important leaders of union and took few important initiatives....

    Keywords: Top Stories, Telugu News, debate on Telangana Bill, APNGOs call for two days bandh

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    Top Stories, Jai Telangana slogan, trs govt to promote suspended constables, Apngos

    TRS govt to promote suspended constables 07 June 2014

    Remember two constables Srinivas Goud and Srisailam, who shouted 'Jai Telangana' slogan in APNGOs meeting in LB stadium last year, both were suspended for violating the norms. However, with the state getting divided and TRS in government, these constables is...

    Keywords: Telangana DGP Anurag Sharma, Top Stories, Jai Telangana slogan, APNGOs meeting

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    APNGOs Ashok Babu, APNGOs president Ashok Babu, give options for employees apngos, Apngos

    Give options for Employees: APNGOs 02 May 2014

    APNGOs president Ashok Babu met Home Ministry secretary earlier today morning in New Delhi. Ashok Babu has requested to consider options for the employees in view of bifurcation. Seemandhra region employees have been demanding for options right from the begining...

    Keywords: Quick News, Give options for Employees: APNGOs, APNGOs Ashok Babu, APNGOs Ashok Babu

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    Kiran new party, Seemandhra Student JAC, kiran s party on march 12th, Apngos

    Kiran's Party on March 12th 06 March 2014

    Andhra Pradesh ex-chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy will launch his new party on 12th of this month in Rajamundry. Speaking to the media at Image Hall in Hyderabad, Kiran said, the bifurcation process was undemocratic and so accordingly he resigned...

    Keywords: YSR Congress, YS Jagan, APNGOs, APNGOs

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    Telangana Bill, APNGOs strike, apngos strike begins, Apngos

    APNGOs strike begins 06 February 2014

    Andhra Pradesh Non Gazetted Officers association which has called for strike in the wake of bifurcation of the state has began its indefinite strike. Over 4 lakh employees from the thirteen districts are taking part in this strike. Meanwhile in...

    Keywords: Ashok Babu, APNGOs Ashok Babu, Telangana Bill, AP state Secretariat

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    Lagadapati Rajagopal, Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, lagadapati quits politics, Apngos

    Lagadapati quits politics 18 February 2014

    Vijayawada member of Parliament Lagadapati Rajagopal has announced that he will be no longer active in politics. As he challenged earlier that he would quit politics if Telangana state is being granted, Rajagopal made official of his political exist. While...

    Keywords: Lagadapati Rajagopal, Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, YSR Congress chief Jagan, Andhra Pradesh bifurcation

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