Orange glasses ensures a restful sleep

July 25, 2015 15:02
Orange glasses ensures a restful sleep

Food, clothing and shelter are the only answers when the people are asked about the basic necessities of life, once upon a time.

But the things started changing now. Life without electronic gadgets is almost impossible these days. So we might therefore say, even these electronic gadgets occupy an important part in the daily life.

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They have become that important that, before going to sleep and after getting up from sleep, these are the only things that we first take in hand. But do you know, the culprit behind your restless sleep is these gadgets?

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Yes, to avoid these kinds of situations, a few studies suggest orange glasses. As per the study, the electronic gadgets like Smartphone, tablets, televisions and even the light bulbs emit blue light. This light will make the sleep restless.

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The orange colour blocks some of the blue light you are exposed to, while you are using gadgets like Smartphone in bed. So the orange glasses will do the possible help in those times.

However, the blue light is not the sole reason for restless, but even then this idea might help you to have a comfortable sleep.

By Phani

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