Little ways to save money goes a long way

July 03, 2013 14:55
Little ways to save money goes a long way

So you want to see your wallet less thin and more fat. But the cash refuses to stay in. How many times have we wondered at the lack of money in our pockets after stacking it just yesterday. Yes, it simply flies away without a goodbye.

Now, not all is lost. An awareness of where you spend it the most and little changes to that routine will put the money back right where it belongs. As you will find below, these little ways will take you a long way in saving.

Firstly, cut back on the cafe visits. Make you own coffee, or better try the bandi chai. The best coffee does not cost 50 bucks as a rule. And then there is the constant urge to eat out. It is great every once and then. But no, it doesn't help if you get a parcel everyday.

Use your phone on a need to basis instead of depending on it. When you cut the number of irrelevant chats that are best suited for a face-to-face, the bills are automatically smaller.

Shop online or check prices before you pick up something for yourself or the house. There is a subtle but important difference when you look at the big picture.

Use fuel efficient vehicles for best savings, because that's where the cash flies off to when you aren't looking. Saving electricity is another plus. When you remove the plugs from the sockets when not in use, it prevents a slow drain in electricity. Also, remember to switch off those fans and lights when not in the room.

These days, your cable operator must be offering you packages for your favorite channels. Time to think about it. Who needs 300 channels when you barely have time to watch 10? Lastly, budget your earnings. It matters.


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