Coronavirus Season: Heart Treatments Should Not Be Delayed

August 05, 2020 19:23
Coronavirus Season: Heart Treatments Should Not Be Delayed

Coronavirus Season: Heart Treatments Should Not Be Delayed:- The coronavirus pandemic is making the mankind sleepless and several people are struggling with fear. Some of them are skipping the regular health checkups because of the spread of coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic had an impact on coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) or valve repair/replacement patients. Their surgeries and treatments are delayed because of the fear of coronavirus. But delaying this process can be life-threatening and they may develop complications. It is advisable to speak to the doctor and undergo elective cardiac surgery at the earliest. The patient can follow all the precautions, guidelines and undergo a heart surgery.

Thousands of them are killed during this pandemic season because of the heart diseases and it is more among the elderly people. As per the report from The Washington Post, 8300 people passed away due to heart-related issues between March and May. Most of them who are suffering with serious heart related problems delayed the health care and as a result they passed away. The danger of not getting the care is much higher than the danger of getting exposed to the coronavirus. Most of the hospitals are conducting elective surgeries and priority of health is quite crucial for them.

Use of masks, sanitizers should be must. Follow social distancing. Regular cleaning and disinfection is mandatory. If you take all these precautions, one can visit the hospital and get their regular checkups done.

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