Ways to avoid Hangover!

February 04, 2015 16:26
Ways to avoid Hangover!

We all like to party all night and booze with friends. The consequences of over drinking often upset the following day schedules. So instead of looking for alternatives for hangover, there are certain ways to avoid hangover. Here are few:

Have Oily food

Before you start drinking, have food that contain lot of cheese and butter which acts like an inner lining and helps absorb alcohol. Burnt toast will also help in preventing hangover. However, there should be a gap of half-an-hour between eating and drinking.

Drink Milk

Having milk before drinking will reduce hangover too. Milk will help your digestive system to manage alcohol inside the stomach and reduces the symptoms of hangover.

Drink slow and light

Try to consume one drink per hour and the make the drink very light. This will reduce the burn in stomach the next morning and you can stay as long as the party runs. Beverages like rum, red wine burn your stomach while Vodka, gin and white wine are soft drinks.

No to Cocktails

Though cocktails are exciting, it is better we avoid them. As they are a mixture of drinks, they act as hydrates and dehydrate your system. So at any cost to cocktails.

Just lay down

Sleep as much as you can. The best way to cure hangover is sleep. But having a glass of water or juice, everytime you wake up, will also show good result in coming out of the hangover.

Coffee and Egg

Hangover generally result in headache. An anti-body pill with coffee will relieve the fatigue of hangover and reduces the headache and other body pains too. Have an omelette or boiled egg would alcohol content in the body.


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