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    Ways to avoid Hangover! 04 February 2015

    We all like to party all night and booze with friends. The consequences of over drinking often upset the following day schedules. So instead of looking for alternatives for hangover, there are certain ways to avoid hangover. Here are few:Have...

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    Salman Khan sings in Kick, Salman Khan sings for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, salman to lend his vocals, Hangover

    Salman to lend his vocals 13 January 2015

    Have you enjoyed Salman Khan's 'Hangover' song from the movie 'Kick' and once again you are going to witness Sallu Bhai's vocals. According to the sources, Salman might croon again for his upcoming 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' as well. Apparently music director...

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    Healthy food, Healthy food, an orange a day keeps the hangover away, Hangover

    An Orange a Day Keeps the Hangover Away! 05 June 2012

    Oranges, mandarins and even kiwi fruits are all sources of food which contain vitamin C. Eating these foods or even taking a vitamin C supplement might just be your personal solution when trying to alleviate your nasty hangover. A study...

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    Hangover beauty, hangover, hangover beauty dos and don ts, Hangover

    Hangover Beauty Dos and Don’ts 27 December 2011

    Therefore last night had a little out of manage—you danced your booty off, downed one extraordinary much cocktails, and had sent house in a taxi by your favourate BFF, all before 2 AM. However hey, at least you got a...

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    how to avoid all nite party hangover, simple tips to avoid hangover, beauty tips to prevent hangover, Hangover

    Beauty tips to prevent hangover 27 June 2015

    If you've gone all-night partying in middle of the week and worrying to report to work on the next day, here are some simple hangover tips to give beautiful face all the day.If you eyes have become puffy due to...

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