A loving and caring husband

September 28, 2011 13:28
A loving and caring husband

WifeandHusbandA loving and caring husband,

Perfect in – laws,

Beautiful and well behaved kids,

No financial problems at all,

Even then, you are all the time sad, your mind is occupied with some or the other thoughts, and some time you are stuck up in a thought, that you, yourself do not know about what you are thinking!

Despite of being surrounded by all loved ones, you tend to feel ‘lonely’. Your heart is aware that there is no problem at all and everything is fine. Even then you are ‘so lonely’. Why?

Many times, we Woman tend to live with all these disturbances in our life, all our emotions and feelings kept to us only. All these ‘chote mote’ feelings put to yourself only, will be growing the amount of frustration day by day, and one day, when your heart can’t take more of it, you burst out all your anger and frustration. Many times, this behavior might lead to unforeseen break ups of you with your loved ones.

Just question yourself yaar, ‘kyayeh sab tumhaare life meinhonazaroorihai?’

If the answer is ‘No’, then you better try working on your mind set. And you can try;

Never be idle, and then being ‘lonely’ katohsawaal hi paidanahihota.
Always you compare your life with that of a neighbor or a friend of yours, who is leading a comparatively better life style, financially or personally. Instead why don’t you think about all those excellent moments and happiness in your life? Why don’t you live in happiness all the time?

Do you know the happier you appear and the calmer you are at your heart, it not only shows off in your face, but instead would be a feel good factor for all those loved ones of you, who are only living to see a smile in your face.
At times, too much of work load and a routine life style too would make you feel ‘lonely’. So, as I may time say, ‘take a break’. Just chill and with a complete new energy, get back to your work.

Finally, it is high time, ‘speak out’. Whatever you think, you are angry, happy, lazy, do not want to do ‘anything’, want to go for a drive, film, restaurant, take a break from work, speak with your loved ones, whatever it might be, let your loved ones know what you are thinking. Do not stop letting them know what you are, thinking that they might interpret you wrong. They are not your colleague’s yaar, they are your family. For sure, they will understand and respect your thoughts.

So, never say ‘Lonely’ again!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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