Replace sugar with sugar substitutes

June 13, 2014 18:44
Replace sugar with sugar substitutes

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you keep craving for sugar? Beware your sugar cravings will get worse as the years pass by. Studies reveal that sugar cravings in most cases are due to a protein deficiency. And not due to low sugar levels that people generally think it to be. So eat more protein to satiate your sugar cravings.

Substitutes for common sugar


Refined sugar is devoid of antioxidants and enzymes due to its manufacturing procedure. These essential ingredients are retained in honey. Honey imparts sweetness to your dishesh, while providing healthy essential minerals vital for the body's metabolic processes. But make sure that you use raw honey as processed honey is high on fructose.


Jaggery is a byproduct of  sugarcane, basically it's unrefined sugar. But now jaggery is also made from coconut sap and sago plants. Since it's devoid of additional processing, jaggery has all the natural vitamins and minerals, especially iron.

Date sugar

Date sugar is made from dehydrated dates. It's fortified with essential minerals like iron, calcium,  phosphorous, magnesium, selenium and zinc. This natural sweetener improve digestion, immune system, helps asthma patients and cures muscle soreness.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees by boiling the liquid. It has earthy flavour and is rich in manganese and zinc.

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