Is frozen yogurt really healthy?

December 12, 2013 21:20
Is frozen yogurt really healthy?

Yogurt is a daily staple for us Indians who often prefer the 'healthy' and 'homemade' one over store-bought ones. Flavored and frozen yogurts might be big thing in the West, but they are relatively new in India, and is yet to catch the craze.

However, with yogurt parlors like Cocoberry, Fro Yo, Yogurtbay, and Pinkberry cropping up in some of the major Indian cities, this frozen dessert is gaining popularity now, especially with the younger crowd.


But the big question is if frozen yogurt is really as healthy as it claims to be? Is it better than ice cream?

Well, the key difference between ice-cream and frozen yogurt is that ice-cream is made of heavy cream, while frozen yogurt is made with either non-fat or low-fat milk or plain yogurt. So far the fat content goes, this does make frozen yogurt a healthier option than ice-cream. But, then, yogurt is very high in sugar as compared to plain yogurt, which shows that even though it is fat-free or made with low fat milk, the high amount of sugar greatly increases the calorific value of frozen yogurt. Therefore, it is fattening than normal yoghurt.

In other words, frozen yogurt may be a healthier dessert, but it is by no means  “guilt-free”.

AW: Suchorita Dutta Choudhury

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