Stress Free Work Place Need for Employees and Employer

November 05, 2013 17:27
Stress Free Work Place Need for Employees and Employer

A work place that is stress free is as much a need for the employer as it is for the employee.

We frequently come across the news of employees in senior levels of the executive positions ending their life due to stress at their work place.  It is the duty of the HR department to see that the working environment is free from tensions and stress.  Mostly the stress is heard in private companies engaged in computer programming and it is not totally uncommon in other private and public organizations too.

Most of the complaints are that they are treated as robots but not human beings and their problems are ignored by the management.  Impossible targets fixed by the senior executives will keep the employee under him work under stress.  The output of an employee will come down drastically when the employee is subjected to work under stress.  That way it is also necessary for the management to see that proper work atmosphere is ensured for the smooth functioning.

As the employees spend more time at the work place compared to the time they spend at home, the conditions of the work place leave strong impacts on the employee to carry it home too.

It is true that the management wants maximum output and the employees want maximum freedom if we keep the remuneration part aside.  But a line has to be drawn between them.  In order to cope up with the competition, the management tries to stretch the scope of work of the employees where the tension starts mounting.

Although HRs hear about the problems of the employees, normal complaint of the employees is that as HR is part of the management, generally they turn a deaf ear to the complaint or try to blame the employees.

There are many events to make the management and the employees to come to a common platform and strengthen their good relations like recreation, cultural programs, occasional meetings, sports and games events etc.

But the real change comes with the understanding that all are instrumental in the total program of the business unit.  Everyone is dependent on others and everyone is important in their allotted slot of work!


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