Back to basics, Lady Gaga says go nude

October 18, 2013 16:42
Back to basics, Lady Gaga says go nude

Forget rain or sunshine, just do what you want. That's what Lady Gaga seems to say to her fans. As she goes nude for the single, she urges everyone to go back to the basics. In her case, it is shedding clothes to the last scrap. In a world where appropriate clothing is everything, not wearing anything may just solve everyone's problems.

There will be no more insecurity about fitting into those impossible trousers and there will absolutely be no more blame games on revealing clothing leading to rape. Such a culture exists in the pacific islands, where polynasian people walk around naked. They are so acclimatized to looking at their fellow human beings naked that it is not a point to discuss anymore.

No more padding, no more hiding the flab. Without any clothes, no one can hide their non-assests. Consequently, there will be no pressure on anyone to look a certain way just for the sake of it. It may even bring out a culture of healthy living rather than superficial beauty.

On the downside, however, we may find lesser colors around us. Let's not get carried away with what Lady Gaga says and stick to staying warm in the coming winter months. For her part, Lady Gaga and R Kelly will continue to croon ā€œDo what you want with my body.ā€

(AW: Sruthi)

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