Transform your personality to the BEST

December 28, 2012 17:53
Transform your personality to the BEST

Are your striving to be outstanding among 100 others and have your unique personality? Rather than getting influenced by some and ending up inculcating a behavior and personality that will not make you be in the good books of one and all, here are the tips to develop a good personality that will in turn develop you as a good human being;

Think positive… every situation has two ways to solve it or handle it… even if the situation is out of your hands and despite you making your efforts to succeed, you end up not being so, just think positive and have a hope that what is best to you will end up happening… this way of thought will definitely turn impossible things towards possible at many times… if not, there is nothing you loose either… all is in the game of life.

Have confidence in whatever you are doing… have confidence in you as a person… the way you dress or get ready, the more fashionable you are will built up your confidence levels – this thought is just an illusion. How you are and what you where, in which dress you are comfortable is something to do with your likes and dislikes and brought up as such… but the kind of personality you develop is completely your own decision… so, let nothing influence your thought process.

Appreciate people around you for the way they are, but don’t try to imitate or be like one and all… you may like each personality trait in every individual… just appreciate that liking… the personality you develop and are in is completely a unique trait of yours… so, you can get inspired, but don’t bluntly copy others…

Just leave your ego behind and let it not dominate you… if you have done a mistake and spoke in an harsh tone to others or in a learning stage in your job or whatever, never let ‘ME’ come in picture… you have to love yourself… but, remember, this should not be more than the love for humanity and values as such.

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