Career or Mother Hood? What to choose…

March 09, 2012 13:13
Career or Mother Hood? What to choose…

Of course it is sad to discover even today, after all these alterations and developments in the newly found freedom for Woman, not many woman are allowed to work, once they are pregnant. In many cases, Woman chose their Mother Hood over career.

Okay, let us forget about being career oriented, but it is a necessity for us to work to be independent and fulfill our own needs as well. I would say, unless and until your Doctor suggests you not to work and opt for a bed rest, do not quit working. At least after knowing that a recent research done on Mother and Child’s compatability that says Children who have got working Mothers are more likely to be responsible when compared to kids whose mums are Home makers…

Keeping all the reasons aside, if your health permits and you aspire to work during pregnancy as well, then here are certain guidelines that can make you enjoying the thought of being mother and working for your independence as well;

Just decide how many hours you would work and if you are seeking to work or not based on the following factors, that n number of times would decide you should work post delivery or not;

•    your health
•    your baby’s health
•    the type of work that you do

Women who are in good health, work in a safe job, and who are experiencing healthy pregnancies can generally continue to work right up until their due date.

What Work Shouldn’t You Do?

If you are pregnant, there are some work-related tasks that you should try to avoid in order to ensure that you are safe and healthy throughout the three trimesters of your pregnancy. In particular, pregnant women should avoid:

•    repetitive or heavy lifting
•    pushing
•    prolonged standing
•    exposure to heavy vibrations (such as those caused by large machinery)
•    harmful or toxic substances

If your job requires you to participate in these types of activities, your health care provider might suggest that you perform a different type of job throughout your pregnancy or take early leave. Be sure to discuss your options with your employer and HR department.

How to stay fit at work during pregnancy;

Take Frequent Breaks: When you are at work, it is important to take short but frequent breaks in order to maintain your focus and restore your energy levels. Get up and move around for a few minutes or so – this will improve your circulation and minimize fatigue. Alternatively, if you are on your feet a lot, try to sit down for a few minutes every half hour or so. Use your lunch hour to put your feet up or catch up on a much-needed nap.

Eat Nutritious Snacks: Be sure to keep a few nutritious snacks on hand when you are at work. Snacks like fruit, cheese, and crackers can really help to keep your energy up and your mind focused.

Reduce Your Other Commitments: In order to perform effectively at work, you need to get your rest when you head home every evening. So cut back on extra commitments that you have outside of work. Instead, ask your partner or a friend to lend a helping hand and take over extra responsibilities.

Ask For Help: Don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers for help. If you are finding that certain projects are just too much for you, talk with other employees about sharing the responsibilities. Most will be more than happy to help out!

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