Woman can’t work post-delivery?

December 09, 2011 16:35
Woman can’t work post-delivery?

Thanks to our development and so called globalization, mindset of many of us is allowing to think and do certain, that used to be considered as a sin earlier. Let’s talk about our Woman itself. Earlier, a girl being equally or more educated than a Guy or a Woman working and supporting a family, relocating to other places for the purpose of education or work, working post marriage, all these were considered ‘Not acceptable by the society’. It is because many Women just thought, ‘Do hell with the society’ and started crossing all these barriers. Today, it is so good to just think we are no less than anyone else and most important not financially dependent.

Even now, there is a hurdle of our life, that many times makes us to choose either of the two paths and with no other option left, we do it. it is ‘Post delivering a baby, we cannot work. We need to either choose Mother hood or our career’. Yes, I do agree with you, this kind of a situation has not occurred in most of our lives, but this is definitely prevailing right in our ‘Society’, in many educated families, some of them whom we are aware of.

It is not that I am against anything. It is just that I am trying to think this issue from the other perspective. Why Woman can’t work post pregnancy, when men can? We talk about men and women being equal, we encounter many working couple as well, many women support their parents even financially post marriage, then why this biased rule of not letting Women work post-delivery?

Nothing will be changed after experiencing the Mother Hood, except certain physical changes in those Nine months of pregnancy and first six months after delivery. When we give a statement, having a baby changes our life for a better why aren’t we implementing the same?

Now, you might have a readymade question for me, ‘if I go, work, then who would take care of my baby?’…

Not parents, neither in – laws as they are growing old and have not much of strength to take care of a kid. To some extent, these well-known Baby care centers are a breather, also there are n number of companies that provide a day care center for kids right in the office premises, you always have a option to alter you career by choosing to work from home or taking up a job that has a flexible work timing, during your work you can manage taking care of your kid by opting a reliable maid at home under the supervision of elders. It is proven by many Children specialists, once your kid attains the age of 2, he wants to be with his age group and explore new World most of the time, all the time being at home under the supervision of elders will bore him to the core and he cannot learn anything new, faster. So, even in this scenario, letting your kid explore the World is acceptable.  Also, many researches confirmed kids whose both parents are working would possess more responsibility and understanding rather than those whose mother is a home maker.

And please, do not live in a myth that Children who are taken care by others or care centers would not adopt a good behavior. It completely depends on how healthy and positive the atmosphere your Child is in and to choose the best for your kid is your responsibility as a parent.

So, be a super Mom, Excel in career and up bringing your kid, because having a baby changes our life for a better!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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