Mother Hood is no less than a Job!

November 30, 2011 12:39
Mother Hood is no less than a Job!

‘What a disgusting statement? Job is something that can be done or left as and when required. But, mother hood is a responsibility and is based on love and bonding with your own child born from your own womb. On the other hand, though there is certain amount of responsibility towards the work we are doing we have all the freedom to shift from one job to another or instead take a break from job. But, neither shifting from one kid to another nor taking a break is possible in the case of parenting. Surely, the writer is out of mind’…

I suppose this might be the first thought in your mind, as soon as you had a look on the title. Relax! Please let me tell you my version of understanding. Yes, I do agree that work for a company is entire different from taking care of your baby. The aspects of switch overs, getting bored with the routine, not satisfied pay scale, a better opportunity awaiting outside, and many other aspects would give the exact definition of working for a company and experiencing the mother hood.

On the other hand, to sustain in a job a lot more areas than pay scale would matter. You need to be passionate about what you are doing, chose the field that you are keen on, enjoy the work done and maintain the same pace even when lot of work is supposed to be completed at a given time, when your work is appreciated, you feel more happy than that of a hike in the pay scale, you crave for more challenges and last moment hick ups, so that you can take the same an opportunity to complete and prove your capability, you strive for a growth in the profile that you are work on and many other added to the same…

In the scenario of experiencing the Mother hood, you will strive to contribute your maximum on the better mental and physical growth of the child, when any odd situation is created by your child you would take the initiative of understanding the problem and your child’s mindset before actually thinking to solve the same, when a relative or a friend appreciates your child’s habits and behavior that’s it, you would feel you are a complete Mother. You strive for supporting your child’s growth, accept the changes in his mindset, work along with him and adjust your thoughts according to his pace, and grow as a mother, friend, philosopher and a guide to him…

Now, compare the above two paras and tell me, you did not find any similarities in that od managing a job and managing the mother hood? Yes, I do agree that certain aspects like perks or hikes are not exactly suited to the situation of handling your child, but all the time perks and hikes or recognition is not just monetary, there are lot more emotions that are attached to the same…

So, starts experiencing the mother hood as a day to day challenge and strive to survive even succeed in this never ending job, chosen by you, out of love and sacred emotion!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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