Be Crazy back to good mood!

October 21, 2011 17:11
Be Crazy back to good mood!

CrazyWomenRoutine life style at times bores us a lot. We would be so fed up doing same things each day that we strive for just taking a break for a day or two, and to re-invent ourselves. Good enough, but what if you could try doing some craziest things in the process of you getting back to your mood? Sounds interesting? Even for me the thought of being crazy alone was craziest. Let me share some of my quick thoughts with you;

Switch off your mobile. Let the rest of the world does not know what you are doing. Sit at home and do whatever you want. Listen to some peppy and joshila music, dance mad, have your favorite food, ice cream, chocolates and enjoy the day as you like. Put on that favorite dress of yours which you not prefer wearing in Public and just be yourself for a while.

Remember any of your school or college friends, whom you did not talk to for a while? Then call them up from an unknown number and try pulling their leg, the best possible way. Kabhi, kabhi, sharaartihonabhimangtaahai…

Are you a bathroom singer? But no more. Just sing your favorite track as much louder as you can. If not, you can also try talking positive about yourself louder. This way not only your heart and mind, even your ears hear what you are.

You are passionate about your hobby, but due to lack of time, not even thought of it from a while now. Be it swimming, skating, bat men ton, or reading your favorite novels. Take a time for an hour or two and get back to your hobby. You can see the difference in your thought process. Everything around you would appear so fresh for you.

Gharka coffee, amazing. But, sometimes, coffee shop ka coffee is also not bad yaar. That too along with the good music along with mesmerizing ambience. So, chill with the cup of hot/cold coffee.

Chocolates are a big no – no, if you are following a diet regime. But, at times, they are the saviors. Having a dark chocolate, would lift up your mood instantly. So, take a break from routine and go for a chocolate.

Who does not like kids? But, how much time it has been you atleast played with them? Gather all those kids nearby your apartment/compound and start playing their kind of games, like ice pice, tin tin, out out, and what not. Let them guide you. With their innocence and cuteness, you would forget every boredom of yours.

If you can, then shop some clothes for you. But, let that not like the regular stereo type wear of yours. Why only cottons and professional wear all the time? You can always experiment with semi cottons, crapes, chiffons and yet attain that professional look. This way, even at the routine day in your office, you will for sure look different from all those colleagues. It is all in how do you like your look. Remember if you can, shop for you, with the money stolen from your partner or father’s pocket. Now, this is the most creative. And yes, do not forget to tell them the same!
It’s all about, living each day with a difference!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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