Why to control your Anger?

September 06, 2011 10:53
Why to control your Anger?

Why to control your Anger‘Mom, you are getting irritated for every small thing these days’

‘Dear, why are you losing your temper for a minute reason?’

‘beta, what is so big deal for you to get angry?’

Are you constantly receiving this kind of comments, of late?

Then it is time to think. Not about the one who have been commenting on your behavior, but about the incidents and the situations that has made them comment on you.

Agar, a person comments on your behavior, for once you may think they have mis understood you, but when is has been encountering by you from quiet an some time, then it is a time to think.

Just question yourself, be true while you give the answers to the questions asked by you. Why are you getting irritated? Is it an incident, person, situation or a series of not acceptable incidents happening with you that are making you lose your temper at once?

Are you controlling your anger till the time you can and once the same becomes uncontrollable, you are bursting out at once?

Before losing your temper, have you ever had a thought of holding your anger, thinking the route cause that made you angry? Have you ever thought of sorting out the issue rather than making people around you feel bad, with your ill behavior?Now, you would in turn say, ‘it is easy to give a ‘gyan’ but very difficult to implement the same’…

But, it is not a ‘Gyan’ session re. I am just sharing my experience. The situations, the people and the reasons for the anger might differ with you and me, but the way we can handle, might be similar.

For a peaceful mind, you can try following;

Stop reacting to any situation that in turn ends up in a quarrel. Please remember that if today there is nothing going well with you, there is always a better tomorrow.

Do not control your emotions. This does not mean you react to each and every situation. But, as and when you feel the need to talk, just speak. You need not be loud to let out your thoughts, you can always be clear and firm and still communicate your thoughts right to others.

Eat right, sleep well; live in a systematic life, all these will definitely help in controlling your anger to a major extent and vice versa.

Just think, why do we generally get angry? When a person or a situation is not going as per your agreement! Rather than changing the World around you as per you, try to accept the things and people around you the way they are. Live and let live, don’t try making others live as per your will.

It is your live end of the day. Not even a single fraction of second comes back again. There is always a peaceful of leading your life, rather than living in anger and frustration. Correct?

Sunayana Vinay Kumar



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