Are you a Commitment Phobic?

August 31, 2011 15:08
Are you a Commitment Phobic?

Are you a Commitment Phobic‘I am not ready for marriage. This for sure does not mean I am not interested in guys neither in having a romantic partner, but I am not ready for marriage. I am okay with dating, live – in relationships, healthy flirting but not up for marriage’, this is a version of many young Woman today, who are well educated, settled in their Jobs, leading a decent – independent life, taking care of their family, but prefer being single.

But, why this fear for marriage? Does marriage is an end of a life? Being committed is next o impossible for you? You cannot convince yourself to accept a completely un known person as your life partner? You can’t compromise at any given situation? You do not want anyone to come in between of you and you’re ‘Space’?

What is it? Why is today’s Woman who otherwise posses a much matured thinking in all other phases of life, are re thinking on even getting married?

According to a recent survey done on teenagers, Woman from 16 to 30 years, each age group had their own ideology of marriage. 16 – 20 age group of young girls are more or less very excited and fantasized about their marriage and had their own wish list of the partner they desire to marry. 20 – 25 age group of young Woman too were positive on the institution of marriage but, they were not as excited as the earlier age group, but were much practical about choosing their life partner. When the result of the survey done on 25 – 30 age groups Woman on marriage came out, here is a actual twist. Many of these Woman were in a thought that there is no necessary for marriage in their life. They wish to be alone, living the life in their own way and does not wish to take any further responsibilities in the name of life partner or his parents and family.

So, we understand the more old we grow, the more practical we become. There are exceptions in this scenario also, but I am talking about the majority of Woman, who possess more or less a negative thought on the institution of marriage.

One and main reason, that is common in almost all the Woman who are not so favor in getting married, is they are not open for any changes in their life, that can lead to positive or negative, I mean the probability ratio being the same. Moreover, in today’s world the emotions of Love, care, priority, sentiment, bonding has become a subject of ‘being filmy’, and instead marriage has become a need.

Just make your definition of marriage upside down, and think of giving your life one such chance, inviting a new person in your life. kya pataa, your life could change for a better. If not, you are always matured enough to make the things work for a better!

Sunayana Vinay Kumar

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