Love the living

August 20, 2011 11:27
Love the living

womenMulti tasking as a home maker, Mother, Wife, Daughter – In – Law, daughter, Bhadi, Didi, aunty and so on. A responsible Employee at the Work place, and friend who always lends a helping hand, in short this is what a definition of ‘Today’s Woman’ is. Seems very good, feels very proud when you actually think about all these relations maintained by all of us. When everything is so normal and good then why all these cases of Woman facing hell lot of stress? Causes that lead to depression?

Is that because we at times fail in maintaining every relation, every day to day work of us, and every responsibility to 100%? Or we are expecting more from ourselves? We in turn, trying to impress people around us, rather than believing fulfilling our duties happily? Or, we are exaggerating our situations, to be more complicated? We are expecting our loved ones to appreciate what we do, and not able to take any criticism from them?

It is not only a time to think, but even to act. One simple point that all of our Woman tend to ignore, being busy in rest all things. ‘After all, it is our life. At first, we must live for ourselves should keep our mind calm and composed, concentrate and plan things accordingly only to that extent which we can take the responsibility, not overload either our mind or body with all those oodles of work. At the end of the day, we are also Human beings and cannot give our 100% in whatever things we do. Be it cooking a tasty dish at home or delivering the work within the dead line at work place, it is quiet common that mistakes and delays would happen.

So, what we have to do? Simple, when you cannot put things in a right place, leave it for a while. Stay calm and accept that you are frustrated, rather than running out of it. And mark my words, after a while you will definitely come out of a solution to your problem. If not a solution, you would atleast not create more mess. Then think what you can do to make your routine life, no more routine. How to love your living. Here are some suggestions that can help you;

•    Learn to let go off certain things. You are not a ‘Super Woman’, a proper Human Being. It is quiet Okay, if you can’t cook, 3 different varieties in a day, cannot deliver the entire work on time, do not call up your friend who has called you during your work time, not able to take care of your in – laws, press your Husband’s clothes for next and so on. Just chill and turn back to your work. But, yes all this ‘Chilling’ should be limited to a day because it is your work at the end of the day. The more you neglect, the more you need to work on it.

•    Do not pity on yourself. Just think that you have the ability to manage several things at a time, responsible enough to work and be a part in running your family, being able to get what you want on your own, you are being a motivation to many other Women. Why don’t you write all these points on a piece of a paper, and stick on one side of your dressing table. As and when you are tired of your work, read these, you will definitely feel very positive.

•    Do not over burden yourself. It is better to take a off from all your household and work place responsibilities and invest that day in happily spending with your family. The next day, you will for sure wake up with a sense of new confidence that makes you handle things faster.

•    One basic factor of Women is expecting appreciation for the work done. Instead of expecting someone to recognize you, why don’t you, yourself appreciate your work by pampering yourself with affordable gifts? This way, your thought process becomes much matured. You will stop expecting from others and start living your life.

•    Last, but important. We Women are known for our patience and one such best quality of accepting our life and our loved ones with all their mistakes, so, do not let this quality go away from us. Accept the negative and turn the same into positive. Weather it is about the people around you or the things that are going in your life.

Sunayana Vinay Kumar

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