After effects of break up!

October 14, 2011 13:11
After effects of break up!

BreakUPLife is an end. There is nothing more to do. That’s it.

All the love, togetherness, belongingness, and trust, commitment left without any meaning to them. Why should I live? For whom should I live?

I cannot imagine other person in my life.

These kinds of emotions and much more crop up in your mind, after a break up for a committed relationship, that too long term in particular. Of course, post break up it would be very difficult for us to overcome from all that years of being in relationship and that I ‘Someone is there for mine’ kafeeling. Sometimes, particularly during the visit to all those places that you have gone earlier with your partner, while seeing his favorite dress of yours, eating his favorite dish, listening to the song or watching his favorite movie, and particularly when you watch any couple in ‘love’, what not, at each and every moment you would remember your partner. Well, this is one side of the break up affect.

The other side, you would be revealed from a long time relationship that has become a mess, even longer back. You are free from any rules and regulations. You can get up and go to bed, or go where ever you want without any hurdle, you can shop and wear whatever kind of clothes you wish to. You can talk to whomever you like and yet not feel as a sin for which you used to give an explanation earlier. There is a no spy that would be watching your moves, you can make wonders with your job and in return grow your career the way you want to, the simple reason being the immense increase in the concentration in you. After taking all that ‘stress’ in order to think each day about how to work on your relationship, once you are out of the same, your mind would be so very relaxed that all the time, you are fresh. This way even your skin texture and glow would increase for a better. No smses, calls, lat night chatting, you can just be what you are and at last can start thinking about going out with friends too. Much important, the next time you get into another relationship, or even think about getting close to another guy, who would be careful and the chances of you making a mistake are very low or minimal.

This does not mean, I am supporting either side of post break up affects, or I am denying either of them. This also does not mean that I am here to tell you, do not believe any one, or to blindly trust everyone. But, one thing, do not let somebody else screw up your happiness and life. At the end of the day, you are not too bad to go through and live with such a relationship, despite working on it, has no result at all.

So, think smart and be happy. After all, it is your life Boss!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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