Sleep Tips for Women who are Over 40

February 17, 2021 16:59
Sleep Tips for Women who are Over 40

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Sleep Tips for Women who are Over 40:- When you are in your 20s, one gets a tight sleep till the alarm tongles. But when you are in your 40s, having a tight sleep is impossible because of various factors. It would be dysfunctional. It takes a long time to fall asleep and there would uncomfortable naps. Most of the women would wake up in the midnights to pee. The quality of sleep will have a decline as you get older and it is because of the buildup of the protein beta-amyloid in the brain. As per the sleep scientist Matthew Walker, the brain is not capable of generating the needed sleep as we get aged.

The decline of sleep begins in the forties and by the time you reach your 50s, you will be losing up to 59 percent of the deep sleep that you have when you are in the teenage. When you cannot stop aging, there are few tips for women to sleep faster and stay asleep for a long time:

It is always important to stay hydrated. The pelvic floor muscles of the women weaken as per the age. The vaginal tissue also turns thin and it is quite difficult to control the urine in the nights. It is advisable to stop drinking liquids in the night two hours before going to the bed. Water, alcohol and caffeine are quite disruptive to the sleep.

Always set your bedroom for 74 degrees. Your body needs to drop the temperature to slip into the sleep.

Keep the to-do list away before going to sleep and keep yourself away from stress before heading to sleep.

Sleep aids will not help you to have a tight sleep as suggested by doctors. Taking melatonin supplements will help you to get a good amount of sleep.

Laying down horizontally increases the blood flow and mucus to the nose which may disturb your sleep. Swap out the current mattress and prefer one with organic materials for better sleep.

Always conduct a sleep hygiene audit and analyze your bedtime routine. Also, try square breathing. Please inhale through your nose four times and hold your breath till you count four. Exhale through your mouth four times and hold till you count four. Repeat this process when needed for a better sleep.

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