How To Get Relief From Sanitary Pad Rashes During Periods?

November 03, 2017 18:30
How To Get Relief From Sanitary Pad Rashes During Periods?

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How To Get Relief From Sanitary Pad Rashes During Periods?:- Most women hate getting their periods. As women spend those four days suffering from menstrual cramps and changing sanitary napkins or tampons, menstruation or period is often considered as a nuisance. The pad rash is another irritating thing during these days.

From scented ones to maxi pads, there are different types of sanitary pads these days. A sanitary pad is an absorbent item used during the menstruation to absorb the blood from the vagina. However, the chemical in these pads might irritate your skin, if you have a sensitive skin. Ultimately, you tend to develop rashes on your thighs and vaginal area, after spending the entire day wearing pads. Inflammation can be caused due to these itchy rashes and are painful. It is not just painful but will also leave you cranky and irritable.

As many other conditions can cause similar symptoms, it is important to get your rashes checked by a doctor. So, these tips will help you to get rid of it, if you are sure that the rash is due to a sanitary pad.

We have listed out some of the tips on how to get rid of the sanitary pad rashes during periods.

A) Opt For A Good Sanitary Pad

Good Sanitary Pad

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Women do always have a busy life, whether they working in a corporate office or she is a home maker. They are always on the run. Due to rubbing of the pad against the skin, it may cause rashes because of the running around at home and office.

Use light and soft pads, to prevent pad rash. Also, prevent the painful rashes with a good sanitary pad.

B) Change Regularly

Change Regularly

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Changing your pad regularly is an essential thing. Using the same pad for a long period of time and continuously is not healthy. Do not wait till you reach home for changing the pad, if you are a working lady or a student. Infections can be caused if you are using the pad for a longer time period. So, to avoid rashes and infection, change your pad regularly.

C) Maintain Hygiene

Maintain Hygiene

Using warm water, you should clean the vaginal area regularly. After the wash, do not forget to pat dry the area. Doing this, will help you to keep the area clean and remove germs and bacteria, which in turn cause the infection and rashes.

An intimate wash, soap and other personal hygiene products, should be discontinued, as they can worsen your rashes.

D) Use Prescription Topical Cream

Topical Cream

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Use a topical cream in consultation with your doctor and as prescribed by him. Your doctor will know which medicine will give you relief from it, as there are different types of rashes. For the yeast infection caused by sanitary pads, the anti-fungal cream is given, while for the bacterial infections, the antiseptic cream is given.

E) Apply Powder

Apply Powder

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To keep the area dry, just apply some powder. You can use it before wearing the pad and after washing the vaginal area. Use antiseptic powder, instead of using your regular talcum powder and apply around the vaginal region and inner thighs. 

The tight clothes, synthetic fabric and bubble bath should be avoided. Try using a different brand of the pad or a tampon/menstrual cup. During your period, you can also use organic cotton pads.

Try these tips and consult your doctor again to evaluate the healing process.


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