Women can't have it all: Pepsi CEO

July 04, 2014 17:06
Women can't have it all: Pepsi CEO

India born PepsiCo CEO Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi said, "I don't think women can have it all. I just don't think so. We pretend we have it all. We pretend we can have it all," at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado this week.

This discussion of Nooyi went viral in the web and many lady bosses across the globe agree with Nooyi's arguments. Reckoned as the world's most powerful woman, Nooyi said she has died of guilt while bringing up her two daughters and managing the family. She cited few incidents like not being part of several activities at daughter's school with the hectic work.


Talking about building a career of woman, Nooyi said, “everyday a woman has to decide whether she wants to be a wife or a mother or a boss at office and selecting among this is most difficult thing. If you ask our daughters  probably they say that I have been a good mom but I'm sure I'm not and I try all kinds of copying mechanisms.”

Nooyi's remarks have become a centre of discussion in the media, when she said, “My observation is biological clock and career clock are total conflict with each other. When you have to have kids you have to build your career. Just as you're rising to middle management your kids need you because they're teenagers, they need you for the teenage years. And that's the time your husband becomes a teenager too, so he needs you. They need you too. What do you do? And as you grow even more, your parents need you because they're aging. So we're screwed. We have no...we cannot have it all.”

Recalling her mother's words, “You might be president of PepsiCo. But when you enter this house, you're the wife, you're the daughter, you're the daughter-in-law, you're the mother. You're all of that. Nobody else can take that place. So leave that damned crown in the garage. And don't bring it into the house,” Nooyi said, “ I have never seen the crown.”

Nooyi is the fifth CEO of the 44 history PepsiCo and gets paid £7.3million salary per annually.

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