Men Don't Have Patent Rights on Heart Attack

November 05, 2013 16:33
Men Don't Have Patent Rights on Heart Attack

Amitabh Bachchan says to Hema Malini in the movie "Buddha Hoga Tera Bap" that only men heard of dying of heart attack but not women. Most people believe that it is correct. But the truth is contrary to it. Women stand the same chances of getting heart attack like men. A death of a woman is happening every minute by heart attack that is one out of three deaths as a doctor reckons.

But, as doctors say, some of the symptoms differ from men.  Symptoms are 1. Angina i.e., mild or heavy chest pain or discomfort in the chest.  2. Pain in the neck, jaw or throat.  3. Pain in the upper abdomen or back.

These symptoms may surface at the time of taking rest or at the time engaged in a physical work.  It may come up at mental stress.  Sometimes a heart attack in women may not be diagnosed until it actually occurs.  That means symptoms may not be there before heart goes berserk.

Other diseases also may cause heart attack in women like high BP, diabetes and obesity.

Habits and life style also may cause heart attack in women like poor diet, physical inactiveness, excessive consumption of alcohol, Cigarette smoking and regular consumption of birth control pills.

Doctors say that if the habits and life style are checked and the diabetes, obesity and BP are brought under control the chances of heart attack can be reduced to maximum extent.  Required physical activity and control over the mental stress will keep the function of the heart well.  Healthy food habits and tabs on the consumption of alcohol and smoking will ensure a healthy heart.

So womenfolk don’t think that heart attack is only a curse on men.  Be on vigil and follow health tips and get medical advice when a warning comes from the body system to avoid it.  


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