Legendary love story of Radha Krishna

August 09, 2012 19:05
Legendary love story of Radha Krishna

In Vrindavan, a village with beautiful gopis, Radha was the most loved by Sri Krishna. The love Radha had for Krishna was beyond love. They were often depicted to be singing or dancing together. In fact any picture of Radha and Krishna that you see, sweeps you with their romance, the deep affection. With such love the jealousy shared by other gopis is completely justified.

The love legend Radha-Krishna are the perfect couple that every devout Hindu aspires to be. Lord Krishna and his love with Radha has been often depicted in the paintings of North India and also in the most revered poetical works of Govinda songs by Govinda das, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Jayadeva who authored Geet Govinda. Their relation, the rapturous love and the desire for union with divinity is often considered the highest form of devoutness in Vaishnavism.

But why has Radha's love for Krishna made it to the legends? Why not Satyabhama or Rukmini, both of whom were his wives? The answer lies in her patient love. She, the daughter of Vrishabhanu, was the mistress of Krishna when he lived among the cowherds of Vrindavan. The amorous love they shared when they played, danced and sung together is one of its kind. They wanted to be together forever but in  his quest to bring peace by killing the evil he had been distanced from his lover, Radha. She had waited even as he had fought the Ayodhya war, married Rukmini and later Satyabhama. She waited as they raised a family too. He patience and undying love makes her their love a legendary one.

She has earned the respect of being mentioned even before the name of Lord Krishna. You never forget to remember her name when you chant the name of Sri Krishna. It is often said that without referring to Radha, worshiping Krishna could never be complete. Her love has not gone unanswered. Krishna who had fulfilled the wishes of millions without being asked for, would he let the woman he loved go?

Surdasa had mentioned of their final meeting where he elaborated in Radha Krishna lyrics, the amative delectations of their unification in Gandharva form of wedding witnessed by 560 million people of Vraj and all the divine fraternity. “Rasa”, as described by sage Vyasa is the end of the story of the evergreen love that continues through the sounds, inks and parchment of poets, painters, musicians and devotees of the Lord.

(AW- Anil)

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