Special Tips to Relieve from Upper Back and Neck Pain

August 10, 2021 19:07
Special Tips to Relieve from Upper Back and Neck Pain

Special Tips to Relieve from Upper Back and Neck Pain:- The coronavirus pandemic closed the doors of millions of houses and most of them are restricted to their homes from the past one and a half year. There are increase in the back and neck pain in most of the people because of the work from home. As there are no proper workstations, people end up working on their couches and on the beds. The sitting positions are resulting in bad posture and there is severe pain in the neck and back. Here are few tips to deal with the upper back and neck pain:

First Stretch:

Raise your hands along with your elbows stretched and interlock your fingers. Twist your arms in the opposite direction and your palms shoud face the ceiling.

Second Stretch:

Sit on a chair sideways and keep the palms on the backrest. Lift your chest and hold your shoulders well. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and start moving from your lower abdomen towards the chair.

Third Stretch:

Keep your palms on the chair and lift your fingers up. Move your back so that you can raise your hips. Make sure your arms are lifted and extend your elbows.

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