Headache can lead to multiple Brain Tumours

March 09, 2022 17:16
Headache can lead to multiple Brain Tumours

Headaches are quite common these days and they happen due to stress or migraine. Most of us ignore it and they rarely get checked for the risk of a brain tumor. Tim Cooper who was 57-year-old took the headaches lightly and he was not aware of the two tumors that are growing in his brain. He collapsed on the street and he vomited in the hospital. The doctors confirmed that he suffered from a seizure. The CT scans confirmed that he had two tumors in the brain in the frontal lobes. He never took pain seriously and the result is a tumor. Cooper also suggered an organic psychosis.

The cells in the brain will start to multiply uncontrollably in the brain and this forms a tumor. The severity depends on the organ. The most common symptoms are non-stop headaches, nausea, seizures, vomiting, paralysis, speech problems, and seizures. The symptoms will take two years to develop and they may turn worse over the time. All those who are suffering from frequent headaches should visit a doctor immediately. Some of them may not have any tumors but it is always good to get tested when there is a frequent headache.

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