More planets outside our Solar System

February 27, 2014 16:45
More planets outside our Solar System

NASA found 715 planets outside our solar system which are called exoplanets.  Those exoplanets are found in groups revolving around stars of their own.  305 stars are found that are Suns to these exoplanets which means more worlds are there to explore.

The mission is only to hunt for the new planets but not to look for habitats in the creation.  But 4 planets are found in their search for new planets that are in habitat zone.  But those four planets are double the size of Earth which may not be rocky surfaced like earth but may be gas planets in which life may not be possible to exist. 

Twenty years ago no single planet outside our solar system was found.  The way the search is going on it is sure that one day the researchers will tumble on a planet with life that may resemble one of the aliens shown in the Hollywood movies.

NASA planetary scientist Jack Lissauer said in teleconference held on Wednesday, "We almost doubled just today the number of planets known to humanity, the big mother lode."


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