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    Single, working and married women life style 06 April 2013

    Again a good news for us... another reason to be proud... this is a question mark in return to all those who point out at women going out and working and say, women are born to just take care of...

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    AP, Ammonia Gas, ammonia gas leak in ap 14 women workers fall ill, Women work

    Ammonia Gas Leak In AP; 14 Women Workers Fall Ill 06 May 2017

    In a bizzare incident, around fourteen women workers fell sick after the ammonia gas leakage in a processing company. Police officials reported that the company is located at Gurajanapally village of Karapa mandalam in the AP district. All the women...

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    in the news, NCP's women workers, women are also responsible for rape ncp leader, Women work

    Women are also responsible for rape: NCP leader 29 January 2014

    Natinalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Asha Mirje made controversial statements over the Delhi Gang rape incident i.e, Nirbhaya rape in the year 2012.  Mirje said women are also to be blamed in the rape incidents. She posed few questions in...

    Keywords: Delhi Gang rape incident, Nirbhaya rape, Asha Mirje, Delhi Gang rape incident

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    Have some WORK in life 10 December 2012

    Woman are no less than men... in fact, they are much better in handling things than men.' these statements are true to much extent, but not all women have a privilege of stepping out of home and work. forget about...

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    girls jobs in Government, fashion tips, woman can t work post delivery, Women work

    Woman can’t work post-delivery? 09 December 2011

    Thanks to our development and so called globalization, mindset of many of us is allowing to think and do certain, that used to be considered as a sin earlier. Let’s talk about our Woman itself. Earlier, a girl being equally...

    Keywords: women rights legal, girls jobs in Government, women work post delevary., women work post delevary.

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