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  • panel for women rights, panel for women protection, telangana govt forms panel against sexual harassment in telugu cinema, Women rights

    Telangana Govt Forms Panel Against Sexual Harassment in Telugu Cinema 17 April 2019

    Telangana Govt Forms Panel Against Sexual Harassment in Telugu Cinema:- A year after young actress Sri Reddy made some sensational comments against Telugu actors and technicians regarding casting couch, the Telangana government formed a committee to inquire about the issue. A...

    Keywords: Telangana Government, panel for women protection, panel for women rights, panel for women rights news

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    child girl, couples, the other side of the coin, Women rights

    The other side of the coin 16 March 2013

    We have seen a girl child being discriminated, being killed and ill-treated all through her life, not just by the society but by her own family and life partner as well. But, there is a place called khaasi in Meghaalaya...

    Keywords: women rights, girls surname, partner, women lifestyle

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    , one billion rising, anoushka shankar fighting for women rights, Women rights

    Anoushka Shankar fighting for women rights 14 February 2013

    Citizens of the world rose to occasion as a campaign online begun motivating the women around the world to fight against the crimes against women, after the Delhi gang rape. Joining the campaign are several who’s who and most notably,...

    Keywords: Ravi Shankar, , , dance

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    family members, safe places, your life your safety, Women rights

    Your life, your safety 07 January 2013

    Woman today being looked upon and at the same time are facing n number of problems and one of them being 'Sexual' harassment are the number of rape cases that we are seeing... even before we come out of the...

    Keywords: relatives, women harassment, security of women, delhi rape case

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    Vrindavan  Holi, Holi revellers, vrindavan widows to play holi, Women rights

    Vrindavan widows to play Holi! 25 March 2013

    "More than 800 widows will be part of the new initiative which is amazing" On Sunday, Centuries-old social barriers came crashing down here when scores of Vrindavan widows took part in Holi celebrations with social activists. According to the social...

    Keywords: Vrindavan, widows, Sulabh International, Meera Sahbhagini Ashram

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    nri sabha, gurjeet kaur padha, first woman candidate files nomination for nri sabha, Women rights

    First woman candidate files nomination for NRI Sabha 19 January 2013

    An NRI has become the first woman candidate for filing nomination for president post of NRI Sabha in Punjab. This Sabha aims at protecting and educating Indian women on their rights with emphasis on protection of young women in Punjab...

    Keywords: gurjeet kaur padha, nri sabha, rights of indian women, indian women rights

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    Legal rights for women, Lady thatcher, lady thatcher to be honoured with state funeral, Women rights

    Lady Thatcher to be honoured with State funeral 08 December 2011

    Margaret Thatcher is to be given the ultimate accolade of a State funeral when she reaches the end of her days – the first British Prime Minister since Winston Churchill to be afforded such an honour. But the possibility of...

    Keywords: Women rights, Lady thatcher, Legal rights for women, Lady thatcher

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    Ban On Women's Entry In Sabarimala Temple, Ban On Women's Entry In Sabarimala Temple, verdict on ban on women s entry in sabarimala temple today, Women rights

    Verdict On Ban On Women’s Entry In Sabarimala Temple Today 13 October 2017

    Verdict On Ban On Women’s Entry In Sabarimala Temple Today:- Challenging the ban on women’s entry in Sabarimala temple in Kerala, the Supreme court will deliver is verdict on the petitions on Friday. The apex court, in February, had reserved...

    Keywords: Supreme Court, Ban On Women's Entry In Sabarimala Temple, Ban On Women's Entry In Sabarimala Temple, Ban On Women's Entry In Sabarimala Temple

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    women rights legal, women work post delevary., woman can t work post delivery, Women rights

    Woman can’t work post-delivery? 09 December 2011

    Thanks to our development and so called globalization, mindset of many of us is allowing to think and do certain, that used to be considered as a sin earlier. Let’s talk about our Woman itself. Earlier, a girl being equally...

    Keywords: women work post delevary., women work post delevary., job after marriage, job after marriage

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    women education, secularism, malala yousafzai returns back to her school in uk, Women rights

    Malala Yousafzai returns back to her school in UK! 20 March 2013

    Nobel peace prize nominee, 15, describes her return to school as the most important day of her life A Brave girl offered effective resistance … Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban...

    Keywords: Edgbaston High School, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, Nobel peace prize, women rights

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    women rights, freedom, when a woman is respected, Women rights

    When a Woman is respected 20 March 2013

    This is not new to us... and we regret this ill practice that has been a question mark for a woman's individuality, freedom and identity from ages... but, certain incidents might turn to be a wakeup call to change the...

    Keywords: eve teasing, college students, women rights, survival of women

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    Pakistani, ban on inequality, women biking for women power, Women rights

    Women biking for Women power! 09 March 2013

    Women biking ,Women Power, Breaking inequality! On Friday, a group of determined women took to their bikes, riding through the Pakistani capital to demonstrate their rights and love of exercise in a culture that often treats them as second-class citizens....

    Keywords: women rights, ban on inequality, Pakistani, women rights

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