• breast protest, viral news, bra protest in hongkong, Viral news

    Bra protest in Hongkong 03 August 2015

    A woman in Hongkong, was arrested for allegedly attacking a police chief inspector with her breasts. The incident was taken severely by the activists, including men and staged a protest wearing bras. The protest took place at police headquarters in...

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    rape, weird news, man rapes a dog, Viral news

    Man rapes a dog 20 February 2016

    In  a bizarre incident, a video circulated in the Whatsapp showed a man raping the dog, holding it forcefully.    The video showed the man sexually assaulting the dog in an old isolated building. However, the video location was not...

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    grandmother death winking face emoji, death winking emoji, grandmother s death announced with winking face emoji, Viral news

    Grandmother’s death announced with winking face emoji 31 May 2016

    The death of a beloved grandmother was announced with a winking face emoji, in a local Spanish newspaper.Reportedly, the 75-year-old Carmen Bustamante Barango had told her children that, after her death, she wanted to be remembered in El Periodico de...

    Keywords: grandmother death winking face emoji, weird news, grandmother death winking face emoji, weird news

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    police thief roof, man hides on roof, viral man hides on roof while police are at the door, Viral news

    Viral: Man hides on roof, while police are at the door 07 August 2015

    The man lying on the roof in the image is actually hiding from the police, where they are actually just below, at his doorstep.He managed to hide from the police for the 10 minutes, but had to surrender after that....

    Keywords: viral news, viral news, viral picture, man hides on roof

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    13 times pregnancy to escape jail, 13 times pregnancy, 10 years 13 times pregnancy to escape jail, Viral news

    10 years, 13 times pregnancy to escape jail 17 August 2015

    A 39 year old woman in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China, was successful, in escaping the life imprisonment since 10 years, complaining the pregnancy. The woman named Zeng, was actually awarded life imprisonment in 2005 and at that time, she complained...

    Keywords: 13 times pregnancy to escape jail, 13 times pregnancy to escape jail, jail escape pregnancy, 13 times pregnancy

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    woman travels in train no house, woman lives on train, woman s home on train, Viral news

    Woman’s home on train 25 August 2015

    Whether we get irritated with the owners or the owners get irritated with us, it is we, who have to vacate the house. However, there is no guarantee that, we will not have any problem in the fresh residence, we...

    Keywords: woman lives on train, no home woman lives on train, girl house on train, woman lives on train

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    viral news, viral news, man seeks a pregnant woman to marry, Viral news

    Man seeks a pregnant woman to marry 22 August 2015

    There are a plenty of men, who take a good care of their wives, especially from the time, they are declared pregnancy. But a few other men lose interest in wives, after their pregnancy for many reasons. Also read: 10...

    Keywords: man marry pregnant, viral news, man marry pregnant, viral news

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    potholes Anaconda in Bangalore, Anaconda at Bangalore potholes, anaconda out of bangalore potholes, Viral news

    Anaconda out of Bangalore potholes 12 August 2015

    In the past, we once discussed about crocodile on Bangalore main roads. Now it is Anaconda on Bangalore potholes.This a unique method of protest by a group on the officials, who did not care to react on the pot holes...

    Keywords: potholes Anaconda in Bangalore, Anaconda in Bangalore, Anaconda at Bangalore potholes, Anaconda at Bangalore potholes

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    viral news, bra saved woman, bra saved her from hunter s bullet, Viral news

    Bra saved her from hunter’s bullet 10 August 2015

    A 42 year old German woman was on holiday in Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania near Berlin, enjoying a bike ride with her husband. The couple was crossing a field, near the town of Gadebusch, when they unwittingly cycled into the path of...

    Keywords: weird news, viral news, bra saved woman, bra saved woman

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    money in Mumbai sea, Mumbai sea money, money floats in mumbai sea, Viral news

    Money floats in Mumbai Sea 12 August 2015

    One day leave to your office might lead to a good portion of cut in your salary. But can you control yourself, staying in the office, if I say that, lakhs and lakhs come floating near you.Yes, here is one...

    Keywords: money floating in Mumbai sea, money floating in Mumbai sea, money floating in Mumbai sea, Mumbai sea money

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    Ghosts existence, viral news, proof camera reveals the ghosts existence, Viral news

    Proof: Camera reveals the ghosts existence 25 July 2015

    Not sure whether our ancestors turn ghosts after the death, but maybe we should be sure about the existence of ghosts after watching the below pictures.Also read: Ghost hunters go gaga over Mr GhostThis picture was clicked while the father...

    Keywords: Ghosts existence, viral news, viral news, ghosts

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    small Taj mahal to wife, UP Taj Mahal, love redefined mini taj mahal in memory of beloved wife, Viral news

    Love redefined: Mini Taj Mahal in memory of beloved wife 21 August 2015

    A replica of pure love, which set as an example for the future, is Taj Mahal, built by Shah Jahan for his Mumtaz. Here is another such great lover from Uttar Pradesh, who built a mini Taj Mahal in Bulandshahr...

    Keywords: small Taj mahal to wife, Taj Mahal UP, Taj Mahal UP, UP Taj Mahal

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    Viral news, Viral news, youth raped a calf, Viral news

    Youth raped a calf 08 August 2015

    Raping a girl is an utmost offence and he will be put behind the bars, society curses him and he faces criticism from the people at his every step of life. If this is the condition of a rapist, who...

    Keywords: animals, calf raped in UP, calf raped in UP, Calf raped

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    stones rain, stone rain, haunted heavy rocks rain in nizamabad, Viral news

    Haunted: Heavy rocks rain in Nizamabad 11 August 2015

    You might have heard of ice pieces faling down from the sky, during the rain. But have you ever heard of heavy rocks falling from the sky? Yes, such heavy rocks are regularly falling down in a tribal area of...

    Keywords: tribals fear for rock rain, rocks rain, rock rain, rocks rain

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