• BRICS Nation, Ultra rich women most found in India, ultra rich women most found in india, Ultra

    Ultra rich women most found in India 11 September 2013

    Not all is unwell with Indian economy! Despite the economic gloom, thanks to the falling rupee, India boasts of having the highest fraction of ultra high networth women (UHNW)  in the world, a no mean feat! As per the latest...

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    sunscreen lotions, sunscreen lotions, protect your eyes in summer, Ultra

    Protect your eyes in summer 28 May 2012

    Are you out on shopping to get couple of sunscreen lotions and prickly heat powders to take care of your skin? While taking care of skin is fairly essential during summer, not to forget about is eyes-the retina. Harmful ultraviolet...

    Keywords: sunscreen lotions, ultra violet rays, sunscreen lotions, eyes

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    Ultra Mega Steel Plant, Chattisgarh, the future lies in peace not in violence says pm modi in dantewada speech, Ultra

    The future lies in Peace, not in Violence, says PM Modi in Dantewada Speech 09 May 2015

    During a speech that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made in Maoist-hit Dantewada in Chhattisgarh today, he focused upon the value of peace in society.“There is no future in violence. If there is a future, it is in peace,” said PM...

    Keywords: Chattisgarh, Narendra Modi, Ultra Mega Steel Plant, Chattisgarh

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    premium beer, Hyderabad market, kingfisher ultra beer in hyd market 650 ml costs rs 120, Ultra

    Kingfisher Ultra beer in Hyd market, 650 ML costs Rs.120 09 May 2012

    United Breweries has launched a new premium beer-Kingfisher Ultra-in Hyderabad market on Tuesday. Available in 650 and 330 MLs, the cost of this beer is Rs. 120 and Rs. 60 respectively. Talking about this ultra premium beer, the general manager...

    Keywords: premium beer, Kingfisher Ultra beer, Kingfisher Ultra beer, Hyderabad market

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    teenage girls, young women, the joy of being an indian, Ultra

    The Joy of being an Indian! 09 March 2012

    The entire world looks upon Indian Woman. The way we present ourselves, dress, project ourselves and most important the culture that we let speak with our appearance, no matter even we are opting for some ultra-modern look. To enhance the...

    Keywords: tips for beauty of Indian Womanm, Ultra-modern look, teenage girls, young women

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    Prabhas, Prabhas new movie, ultra mass title for prabhas next, Ultra

    Ultra mass title for Prabhas next! 30 November 2015

    Rebel Star Prabhas family banner ‘Gopikrishna’, had registered a title called ‘Dandha’ and this is now speculated to be Prabhas new movie title. After the immense success like Baahubali, Prabhas has gained not only national, but also international popularity. The...

    Keywords: Prabhas, Prabhas, Prabhas new movie, Prabhas new movie

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    HTC BlinkFeed, snapdragon krait, htc one borrows from windows, Ultra

    HTC One borrows from Windows 20 February 2013

    Combine the flexibility of Android Jelly Bean OS and the chic tiled appearance of a Windows phone, and the resulting final product is the HTC One, the latest successor to the flagship HTC One X. HTC has been out of...

    Keywords: HTC Sense, HTC M7, microsoft windows, snapdragon krait

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    UV light can kill food-borne pathogens, Ultra violet light technology can kill food-borne pathogens, ultra violet light kills pathogens in fruits finds study, Ultra

    Ultra violet light kills pathogens in fruits, finds study 30 July 2015

    Simple and inexpensive Ultraviolet rays can kill food borne pathogens on the surface of fruits, according to a study performed by Washington State University food safety specialists. "UVC radiation is present in sunlight. It has germicidal properties and can be...

    Keywords: Ultra violet light kills pathogens in fruits, UV light can kill food-borne pathogens, Ultra violet light kills pathogens in fruits, Ultra Violet light can make fruits germ-free

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    ultrasound for wound healing, quick process for would healing, ultrasound can heal skin wounds faster study finds, Ultra

    Ultrasound can heal skin wounds faster, study finds 14 July 2015

    Most of the diabetic patients suffer from skin ulcers and particularly from foot ulcers. These ulcers become painful and require amputation in many cases. But the scientists from Sheffield University have brought good news to the diabetic and elderly patients...

    Keywords: Heal your skin wounds faster with ultrasound, ultrasound benefits for diabetes patients, ultrasound for wound healing, Heal your skin wounds faster with ultrasound

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    uHD, google fiber, ready for 5g, Ultra

    Ready for 5G? 14 May 2013

    We have had 56k modems doing mediocre jobs a few years ago until recently when they go converted to high speed internet but the thirst of the humans for the information has not even been remotely reached until a couple...

    Keywords: uHD, 5G, Samsung Electronics, technology news

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    ULTra Global PRT, Driver less cars., amritsar soon to have pod cars criss crossing the city, Ultra

    Amritsar soon to have pod cars criss-crossing the city 19 December 2011

    Soon a journey in Amritsar to see the Golden Temple could amuse you with chauffer less cars which runs without big tyres and consumes no fossil fuels!! Astonished that is what the Punjab Government is planning to do to Amritsar....

    Keywords: Driver less cars., ULTra Global PRT, ULTra Global PRT, Pod Car

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    old kurti, kolahpuri chappals, look trendy is ethnic, Ultra

    Look Trendy… is ethnic… 28 January 2012

    Now, this is what a challenge is. You need to mix and match, do what not to look trendy, but you might feel uncomfortable by completely transforming your looks into ‘Ultra Modern’ in the process of following the trend. Why...

    Keywords: colorful dress., jeans for women, colorful dress., Ultra Modern

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    LG, ultra high definition, ultra high definition tv s for 27 lakhs, Ultra

    Ultra high definition TV's for 27 lakhs 08 July 2013

    Finally here is a ultra high definition television meant only for those with deep-pockets! Priced at a whopping 27 lakh and catering to niche buyers only, the UHD TV, that was launched worldwide only recently, will hit Indian shores very...

    Keywords: Tadato Kimura, Atul Jain, television, LG

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    ultra-modern look, ‘Turning Bold’, kajal agarrwal no qualms for lip lock, Ultra

    Kajal Agarrwal 'no qualms for lip lock'... 07 September 2012

    Till date, we might have seen Kajal in ultra-modern look and some romantic sequences as well. but, if we remember Kajal, we remember the roles she played which had a scope for a lot of performance and that made Kajal...

    Keywords: ‘Turning Bold’, ‘Turning Bold’, ‘Turning Bold’,

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    Zen table for Rs. 5, Homeshop18, zen rolls out android tablet for rs 6 199, Ultra

    Zen rolls out Android tablet for Rs. 6,199 18 July 2012

    If you are in search of the technology updates and news on new tablets then your search ends at AndhraWishesh.com.  There's some good news today to all tablet enthusiasts and the ones with not-so-deep pockets, who wish to flick cheap...

    Keywords: Homeshop18, Zen Mobile, Zen Mobile, 999

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    Apollo hospitals, Health Minister, ultra sound centers banned in ap, Ultra

    Ultra sound centers BANNED in AP! 07 March 2013

    Sex determination tests is not just a crime but also questioning God, the creator! The Andhra Pradesh government recently shut down 42 scanning centres that conduct sex determination tests as a result of getting alarmed by declining child sex ratios....

    Keywords: social crime, criminal action, Warangal, social crime

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    , , celebs at kingfisher ultra hifw 2014, Ultra

    Celebs at Kingfisher Ultra HIFW 2014 23 December 2014

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    Ultra HD TV, 84 inches, lg reveals ultra hd tv a new type of hi def with pictures as bright as imax screen, Ultra

    LG reveals 'Ultra HD' TV-a new type of hi-def with pictures as bright as IMAX screen 11 January 2012

    Day by day a new innovations are taking place in technology, So now here LG comes out with new 84 inches 3D flatscreen offers with a resolution of 3840x2160 with eight megapixels on screen. Well its more than 16 times better...

    Keywords: IMAX screen., IMAX screen., 3D flatscreen, LG reveals

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    Tips and techniques on Choosing sunglasses, fashion, how to choose sunglasses for your face, Ultra

    How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face? 09 January 2012

    Sunglasses are considered to be a standard feature of trend and fashion accessory for many years. Today sunglasses aren’t only intended for fashion and style but they protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, protect your eyes from flying debris...

    Keywords: fashion, depending on face shapes, How to choose perfect sunglasses, sunglasses

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    ways to detect preterm labour, Ultrasound may detect increased risk of preterm labour, ultrasound can spot risk of preterm labour finds study, Ultra

    Ultrasound can spot risk of preterm labour, finds study 19 August 2015

    Ultrasound technique can detect the risk of preterm labour in pregnant women, according to a new research. Premature births can mean low birthweights and other medical problems for newborns, but there are steps that doctors can take to reduce the...

    Keywords: Ultrasound may detect increased risk of preterm labour, how can we detect preterm labour, how can we detect preterm labour, Ultrasound may detect increased risk of preterm labour

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