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  • Panchi Bora interview, Tollywood interviews, i am here to do good work panchi bora, Tollywood interviews

    ‘I am here to do Good Work’ – Panchi Bora 27 September 2011

    There are n numbers of Heroines, who have made it big on Silver Screen, from travelling towards small screen to Silver Screen. To name with, Prachi Desai of ‘Rock On’ fame is a best example to quote. Another beautiful actress,...

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    Movie news Updated, Tollywood Interviews, common man with a unique personality, Tollywood interviews

    Common Man with a Unique Personality 29 March 2012

    Just like no single person is alike, similarly no two people would think or be on the same phase… when I see this parson in particular, his skill, knowledge or for that matter he himself appears to me as if...

    Keywords: Tollywood Interviews, Actor Director Tanekella Bharani, Movie news Updated, Actor Director Tanekella Bharani

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    Ashmitha sood interview, celebrities, interview with actress ashmita sood, Tollywood interviews

    Interview with actress Ashmita Sood 09 July 2011

    Ashmita Sood ‘All the way from Small Screen to Silver Screen’ The recently released T – Town film, ‘Bramhi Gadi Katha’, that has been recognized as a out and out Comic jorner film, that proved to be a successful film...

    Keywords: Interview with Asmitha sood, Interview with Asmitha sood, Interview with Asmitha sood, Ashmitha sood interview

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    dookudu movie songs, interview with thaman, dookudu music director thaman, Tollywood interviews

    Dookudu Music director Thaman 29 September 2011

    One song that is ruling the chart busters is ‘PoovaiPoovai’ from Mahesh’s ‘Dookudu’. The Movie is declared a super success, so as the songs of the film. Let’s know what the Music director of the film Thaman.S who is the...

    Keywords: dookudu movie songs, dookudu movie songs, interview with thaman, interview with thaman

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    Aksha hot, Aksha hot, i am here to do quality films aksha, Tollywood interviews

    ‘I am here to do quality films’ – Aksha 17 August 2011

    She is Hot, she is beautiful, she is a good performer, though a non Telugu speaking actress manages to tell all the dialogues with proper expressions in Telugu itself. And what more any film maker would expect from his Heroine...

    Keywords: tollywood Interviews, Aksha hot, Aksha, Aksha

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    tollywood interviews, Music director thaman interview, i had a big argument with dil raju, Tollywood interviews

    I had a Big Argument with Dil Raju 18 May 2011

    He is a Hot cake for Telugu and Tamil film Industries. Right from the Director, to Heroes, to Producers wants him to be a part of their films. His calendar for the Entire year of 2011 is filled with films....

    Keywords: tollywood interviews, Music director thaman interview, celebrities, tollywood interviews

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    Anil gopi reddy, celebrity interviews, vykuntapaali is a movie that makes a difference, Tollywood interviews

    ‘Vykuntapaali’ is a Movie that makes a ‘Difference’ 27 May 2011

    Anil Gopi Reddy Director – Music Director of the film ‘Vykuntapaali’ releasing today, Anil Gopi Reddy talks to Andhrawishesh team about ‘Vykuntapaali’, the starcast and his contribution to the film; AW: So, how do you feel about your first film...

    Keywords: celebrity interviews, tollywood interviews, Vykuntapali, anil gopi reddy interview

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    Racha Director Sampath Nandi, Director Sampath Nandi Interview, i was always clear about raccha director sampath nandi, Tollywood interviews

    'I was always clear about Raccha' - Director Sampath Nandi 16 April 2012

    Directorial debut with a controversial story line like ‘YemayyindiEeVeela’ that has turned out to be a success and soon an opportunity to direct Mega Power Star, Sampath Nandi had successfully managed to do this. But many including us wanted to...

    Keywords: Racha movie trailer, Racha Director Sampath Nandi, Racha Director Sampath Nandi, Tollywood Interviews

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    Kaljal agarwal interview, Kaljal agarwal interview, i do not react to gossips says kajal, Tollywood interviews

    'I DO NOT REACT TO GOSSIPS' - Says Kajal 20 June 2011

    She made her entry into films as a Character Artist, in a B – Town film, ‘Kyon.. Hogaya Na’, then made her full fledged as a Heroine in T – Town with Teja’s Directorial ‘Lakshmi Kalyanam’, opposite Kalyan Ram. Her...

    Keywords: interviews, celebrities, interviews, Kaljal agarwal interview

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    Bodyguard movie trailer, Tollywood Interviews, i worked very hard for body guard gopi chand malineni, Tollywood interviews

    ‘I worked very hard for ‘Body Guard’ – Gopi Chand Malineni 25 January 2012

    After making a safe and successful debut as a director with ‘Don Seenu’ it has taken more than a year for Gopi Chand Malineni to come with his next release. ‘Body Guard’ that released this festival, amongst a lot more...

    Keywords: Tollywood Interviews, Tollywood Interviews, Venkatesh Bodyguard movie, Celebrity Interviews

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    Interview on nenu naa rakshasi, tollywood interviews, nenu naa rakshashi is a puri jagannath s film, Tollywood interviews

    Nenu Naa Rakshashi is a Puri Jagannath's film 05 May 2011

    Rana Daggubati, a descendant of two generations of film personalities, and the grandson of Movie Moghal Dr D Ramanaidu won plaudits for his performance in ‘Leader’ and the recently released Bollywood film ‘Dum Maro Dum’. This good looking young man...

    Keywords: tollywood interviews, Interview on nenu naa rakshasi, celebrities, tollywood interviews

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    Samantha Gallery, Mahesh and Samantha Dookudu, when the beauty speaks, Tollywood interviews

    When the ‘beauty’ speaks! 18 October 2011

    She is a most beautiful heroine in T – Town who has wooed the industry, with her beauty and performance, right in her first film. since then, till date, she had no looking back. She has bagged an opportunity that...

    Keywords: samantha movie dookudu, Interview with Samantha, Mahesh and Samantha Dookudu, interview with samantha

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    tollywood news, celebrity interview, interview with r k, Tollywood interviews

    Interview with R.K 23 September 2011

    The ‘Mama’ of Hyderabad. The Guy with complete ‘Tough’ looks and the roles he have done also highlight the same. But, he was never a complete bad guy. He, with his roles once again proved that all bad guys have...

    Keywords: tollywood news, Interview with RK, tollywood interviews, tollywood interviews

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    interview with Bezawada director, Bezawada movie stills, bejawada a film with all the emotions director vivek krishna, Tollywood interviews

    ‘Bejawada’ a film with all the emotions – Director Vivek Krishna 01 December 2011

    Director of one of the most controversial films of the year titled ‘Bejawada’ Vivek Krishna speaks about the film and all those aspects behind the Camera, catering to ‘Bejawada’ that is scheduled for a release on 1st December that is...

    Keywords: Director vivek krishna interview, Director vivek krishna interview, Vivek krishna about Bezawada movie., Besawada director interview

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    rohit interview, solo movie audio, rohit talks about solo, Tollywood interviews

    Rohit talks about ‘Solo’ 25 October 2011

    When ‘Baanam’ strike, everyone came out with the comment about the film, stating it to be a critically acclaimed film. This is a compliment to the film, in today’s Telugu Cinema, where almost many stereo type films are coming up....

    Keywords: solo movie hero rohit, movie stills, movie stills, nara rohit about solo

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    , , frozen 2 movie press meet, Tollywood interviews

    Frozen 2 Movie Press Meet 18 November 2019

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    Panjaa movie trailer, Panjaa producer Neelima, neelimatirumalashetty talks about panja, Tollywood interviews

    NeelimaTirumalashetty talks about ‘Panja’ 12 December 2011

    Her admiration and desire to produce a film with Power Star PawanKalyan, made her turn a Producer and she is today a part of one of the prestigious and stylish film of the year, Power Star ‘Panja’. Andhrawishesh talks to...

    Keywords: Neelima tirumalashetty Panja, Neelima tirumalashetty Panja, tollywood interviews, Panjaa movie stills

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    Interview with Shashank vennelakanti, Interview with Shashank vennelakanti, i don t categories movies as direct or dubbed shashankvennelakanti, Tollywood interviews

    I don’t categories movies as direct or dubbed: ShashankVennelakanti 01 March 2012

    He is introduced to film industry as a son of famous lyric writer Vennelakanti… but, it did not take much of a time for him to establish himself as a dialogue writer, with the films like ‘Adurs’, ‘Surya S/O Krishnan’,...

    Keywords: Celenrotu interviews, Dialogue writer shashank, Interview with Shashank vennelakanti, Interview with Shashank vennelakanti

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    Interview with Snehithudu Sriram, Interview with Snehithudu Sriram, snehithudu a dream come true for me actor sri ram, Tollywood interviews

    ‘Snehithudu’ a dream come true for me – Actor Sri Ram 01 February 2012

    Though being a Telugu speaking Actor, Sri Ram is more poplar in K – Town… now; he has again come in front of Telugu audience with Shankar’s directorial ‘Snehithudu’ after his appearance in ‘Dhada’… Andhrawishesh team has captured all those...

    Keywords: Interview with Snehithudu Sriram, Sriram in Snehithudu movie, Interview with Snehithudu Sriram, Sriram in Snehithudu movie

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    Celebrities of Mogudu, interview with tapsee, i was not bothered to know mogudu s story says tapsee, Tollywood interviews

    ‘I was not bothered to know ‘Mogudu’s Story’ says Tapsee! 18 November 2011

    ‘I was not bothered to know ‘Mogudu’s Story’ says Tapsee!From Engineering to Heroine in films, Tapsee has made her dream in reality and today has n number of experiences to share with us. Though she has done comparatively less films...

    Keywords: Actress Tapsee interview, Tapsee interview, tollywood interviews, tapsee talks on Mogudu

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