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  • Vijayawada Save Andhra meeting, United Andhra Pradesh, vijayawada roars save andhra pradesh, Telangana movement

    Vijayawada roars 'Save Andhra Pradesh' 21 September 2013

    It was the power of unity. What the people of Vijayawada showed made everyone look up and take notice. Call it a feeling of 'manam' or a fear for their future, about 1 lakh people congregated for the 'Save Andhra...

    Keywords: AP bifurcation, Seemandhra leaders, AP NGOs, Save Andhra Pradesh

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    Digvijay Singh, Sonia Gandhi, tdp saved from t blame, Telangana movement

    TDP Saved From T Blame 26 July 2013

    The Telangana issue now is shifted to Delhi to the relief of Telugu Desam Party.  Recent movements of the Congress leaders to and fro Delhi, Core Committee meeting and the statements of the State in Charge Digvijay Singh made it...

    Keywords: Congress party, Chandra Babu Naidu, Sonia Gandhi, Chandra Babu Naidu

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    Telangana Issue, Jaipal Reddy says Is it a Brahma Padardham, what is equal justice a brahma padardham jaipal reddy, Telangana movement

    What is Equal Justice? A Brahma Padardham?- Jaipal Reddy 14 November 2013

    Congress party senior leader and MP Jaipal Reddy questions what is this equal justice, a Brahma Padardham? A great thing which cannot be achieved by ordinary means is called Brahma Padardham. Jaipal Reddy who has been silent all these years...

    Keywords: Jaipal Reddy says Is it a Brahma Padardham, Jaipal Reddy says Is it a Brahma Padardham, Sonia Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi

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    Human Rights Commission, BV Raghavulu, samaikhyandhra movement violating human rights, Telangana movement

    Samaikhyandhra movement violating human rights? 14 September 2013

    According to CPM state secretary BV Raghavulu, the Telangana and Samaikhyandhra movements are no less than violations of human rights for not doing justice to the backward classes. He opined that any movement that is inconsiderate to the underprivileged classes...

    Keywords: Samaikhyandhra movement, Telangana movement, CPM complaint against Samaikhyandhra movement, Samaikhyandhra movement against human rights

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    Bezwada Rowdies, TRS leader Harish Rao, harish rao compares govt action, Telangana movement

    Harish Rao Compares Govt Action 06 September 2013

    TRS Leader Harish Rao compares Government action when Telangana people’s protest surfaced in the past and the one now going on when Semandhra protest is being staged. Harish Rao says when Telagana supporters were holding meetings and were protests against...

    Keywords: Harish Rao Compares Govt Action, Rayalaseema, Samaikyandhra movement, Samaikyandhra movement

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    Telangana movement, TRS party, kcr planning for a befitting meeting at hyderabad, Telangana movement

    KCR Planning For A Befitting Meeting At Hyderabad 10 September 2013

    After the meeting of Telangana political JAC at the residence of KK on Monday, KCR talked to media persons that a public meeting will be conducted at NTR Stadium.  He said that the time and name of the event will...

    Keywords: Telangana political JAC, Telangana movement, LB Stadium, LB Stadium

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    Kiran Kumar fights for Samaikyandhra, Kiran Kumar Reddy, kiran kumar fights against bifurcation and retains cm position, Telangana movement

    Kiran Kumar Fights Against Bifurcation and Retains CM Position 08 October 2013

    The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy said on Monday that he will remain as the Chief Minister of AP and fight against bifurcation of the State.   Talking to the news channel CNN and answering to the query why as...

    Keywords: Samaikyandhra movement, Samaikyandhra movement, Congress party Telangana decision, Kiran Kumar Reddy

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    Jokes, School Jokes, logic of students studying telangana movement in textbook, Telangana movement

    Logic of students studying Telangana movement in textbook 30 May 2015

    Telangana movement into textbooks   A: I hope that there should be no revolts againB: So sweet of youA: What sweet, I'm afraid, that they would be included in history textbooks again and be a burden for us. by Phani

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, School Jokes, Jokes, Jokes

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    MLA Rajaiah, Vijayashanthi, kcr not to close t movement after formation, Telangana movement

    KCR Not To Close T Movement After Formation? 08 August 2013

    A Political Party's inside stories come out only when seniors of that party come out for any reason. TRS senior leader Vijaya Rama Rao announced that he resigned from the party.  He said that he gave his resignation letter to...

    Keywords: MLA Rajaiah, TRS party, Kadiam Srihari, TRS party

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    ABN RK comments on KCR, ABN RK Telangana movement, abn rk reveals kcr strategy in avoiding gaddar, Telangana movement

    ABN RK reveals KCR strategy in avoiding Gaddar 29 September 2015

    ABN Radhakrishna reveals about the strategy, Telangana Chief Minister KCR played, in case of Gaddar, during the Telanagana movement. When the Telangana people are worshipping KCR as god, for being the major reason behind achieving the separate state, ABN chief...

    Keywords: ABN RK comments on KCR, ABN RK KCR, ABN RK KCR, ABN RK KCR

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    K Chandrasekhara Rao, Telangana Rashtra Samiti, kcr to take reins methodically, Telangana movement

    KCR To Take Reins Methodically 03 August 2013

    KCR said at Telangana Bhawan yesterday that the Andhra employees will not be left with any option but to leave the State of Telangana.  Although his comments evidently did hurt the feelings of the Andhra employees and made them to...

    Keywords: Andhra employees, TRS party, KCR comments on Andhra Employees, Telangana Movement

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    Kodandaram resumes teaching, T-JAC chairman Kodandaram to resume teaching, kodandaram resumes teaching, Telangana movement

    Kodandaram resumes teaching 23 July 2014

    Professor Muddasani Kodanda Rama Reddy alias Telangana Joint Action Committee [T-JAC] chairman Kodandaram will resume his job as professor in Secunderabad PG college from Wednesday. Kodandaram was last seen in the college in 2010, January and later he took long...

    Keywords: T-JAC chairman Kodandaram to resume teaching, Quick news, Telangana Agitation, T JAC

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    Telangana Political Joint Action Committee, Telangana JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram, t special packages not acceptable, Telangana movement

    T Special Packages Not Acceptable! 22 June 2013

    Telangana Political Joint Action Committee Chairman Prof. Kodandaram says that the financial packages to Telangana that is being cooked up at Center is palatable to Telangana people.   Telangana people are not looking forward for some leftovers of the broth thrown...

    Keywords: , Engineers of Electricity Department Program, Prof. Jayashankar, financial packages to Telangana

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    Telangana movement, Telangana movement, sonia gandhi out of telangana history textbook, Telangana movement

    Sonia Gandhi out of Telangana history textbook 30 May 2015

    Telangana history is now being entered into the 10th class textbooks. But throughout the syllabus, there is no such point that dealt about Sonia Gandhi which has become a controversy now. In the 10th class history book, a new chapter...

    Keywords: 10th class, Textbooks, Sonia Gandhi, KCR

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    Harish Rao, YSRCP leaders resign, harish rao calls drama in kiran s direction, Telangana movement

    Harish Rao Calls Drama In Kiran's Direction! 26 July 2013

    Telangana Rashtra Samiti and leaders of Telangana Movement condemned resignations of Seemandhra leaders. TRS leader Harish Rao called it a drama enacted by YSRCP leaders under the direction of the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.  While talking at Telangana Bhawan...

    Keywords: Telangana Statehood, JC Diwakara Reddy, Congress and YSRCP collision, Telangana Statehood

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    KCR, funeral beat at Telangana Bhawan, swamy to reveal underhanded dealings of trs, Telangana movement

    Swamy To Reveal Underhanded Dealings of TRS 20 June 2013

    Chinta Swamy one of the suspended leaders of Telangana Rashtra Samiti challenged TRS that all the illegal dealings of the party leaders in the guise of Telangana Movement will be revealed in the coming ten months one after another in...

    Keywords: TRS, Telangana Bhawan, TRS, TRS

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    Telangana issue, Digvijay Singh Talks, digvijay not to fix dates, Telangana movement

    Digvijay Not to Fix Dates 27 June 2013

    Recently appointed Digvijay Singh to look after the political affairs of the State of Andhra Pradesh says that unlike others, he is not going to fix a date to arrive at solution on separate Telangana issue.  He said it after...

    Keywords: Digvijay Singh Met Botsa, Congress party leaders, Digvijay Singh Talks, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy

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    BJP meet at Rajarajeswari Gardens, decision on Telangana State, bjp s telangana movement meet, Telangana movement

    BJP's Telangana Movement Meet 27 June 2013

    Bharatiya Janata Party is going to conduct a public meeting today at Rajarajeswari Gardens in Sikh Village in Secunderabad. BJP State President Kishan Reddy and other leaders engaged in the Telangana Movement are going to attend the meeting. As the...

    Keywords: BJP meet at Rajarajeswari Gardens, BJP leaders, BJP meet at Rajarajeswari Gardens, decision on Telangana State

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    Formation of Telangana State, Telangana with 10 districts, formation of telangana as india s 29th state, Telangana movement

    Formation of Telangana as India's 29th State 30 July 2013

    Telangana is going to become India's 29th State as per the decision taken by the Congress party with approval from CWC and UPA.  Hyderabad will be its Capital to be shared for 10 years with Andhra Pradesh from which it...

    Keywords: Telangana with Hyderabad, Telangana with Hyderabad, Telangana with 10 districts, Telangana movement

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    Medak Raghuram, State Assembly, trs lashes out at abn, Telangana movement

    TRS Lashes Out At ABN 19 June 2013

    A story of ABN-Andhra Jyothi on TRS party leader and KCR's son K Taraka Rama Rao that he made money in settlements became a matter of discussion in the State and also in the Assembly.   TRS says that it...

    Keywords: Story on TRS leader KTR, TRS party, , ABN-Andhra Jyothi story on TRS

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