• Rahul Gandhi, Black day Protest, rahul gandhi to take part in black day protest in surat, Surat

    Rahul Gandhi To Take Part In “Black day” Protest In Surat 08 November 2017

    Rahul Gandhi To Take Part In “Black day” Protest In Surat:- Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has unveiled his plans to participate in a candle-light vigil as part of the Opposition parties’ “Black Day” protest in Surat. The Surat city...

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    Sonam Kapoor bikini, Khoobsurat, mixed response for khoobsurat, Surat

    Mixed response for Khoobsurat 19 September 2014

    Bollywood's leggy lass Sonam Kapoor's 'Khoobsurat' released today across the globe. The movie is carrying quite a bit expectations and also has Pakistani actor Fawad Khan debuting in Bollywood. With intense promotion over the past couple of months, the film...

    Keywords: Khoobsurat review, Sonam Kapoor bikini, Sonam Kapoor bikini, Khoobsurat review

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    Surat fire accident deaths, Surat coaching centre accident, 20 killed in surat coaching centre fire accident, Surat

    20 Killed in Surat Coaching Centre Fire Accident 25 May 2019

    20 Killed in Surat Coaching Centre Fire Accident:- Atleast 20 people have been killed in a fire accident that took place in Surat in a coaching centre in Sarthana area. The coaching centre located in the third and fourth floor...

    Keywords: Surat fire accident deaths, Surat fire accident students, Surat fire accident deaths, Surat fire accident latest

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    Surat Police, bar girl, cop caught dancing with bar girl, Surat

    Cop caught dancing with bar girl 26 December 2014

    In a shameful act, a sub-inspector of Surat Police was caught dancing with bar girl when he was on duty. This video was first shared in instant messenger, WhatsApp and is currently going viral in YouTube. The video reached the...

    Keywords: Surat Police, Gujarat police, police caught with bar girl, police dancing with bar girl

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    RSS uniform, RSS uniform, temple authorities dress up lord idol in rss uniform, Surat

    Temple Authorities Dress Up Lord Idol in RSS Uniform 08 June 2016

    In a shocking incident, authorities of a Swaminarayan temple dressed up the idol of Lord Swaminarayan in the RSS uniform on Tuesday. This has give rise to a new controversy.The issue came to light after a picture went viral on various...

    Keywords: Congress, Congress, Surat, Surat

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    , , sonam and fawad promote khoobsurat, Surat

    Sonam And Fawad Promote Khoobsurat 02 September 2014

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    Formula One driver Michael Schumacher, Jayesh Desai, sachin sells off gifted ferrari to surat man, Surat

    Sachin sells off gifted Ferrari to Surat man 23 June 2011

    Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has sold off his 360 Modena Ferrari racing car to the Surat based business man Jayesh Desai, Chairman of Raj Hans group. Declining to reveal the price, Desai said that he bought it from Sachin...

    Keywords: 360 Modena Ferrari, Sachin Tendulkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Formula One driver Michael Schumacher

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    , , special screening of khoobsurat, Surat

    Special Screening of Khoobsurat 18 September 2014

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    Nancy Gondalia, PM fan, pm modi breaks security protocol to hug a 4 year old girl in surat, Surat

    PM Modi Breaks Security Protocol To Hug A 4 Year Old Girl In Surat 17 April 2017

    Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, broke his own security protocol, today, to meet a four-year old fan, Nancy Gondalia, who attempted to reach his convoy, amid the crowd and several security personnel. The little girl, was however, stopped by the...

    Keywords: Surat, Security protocol, Nancy Gondalia, Surat

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    Fawad Khan, Shanshanka Ghosh, first look khoobsurat, Surat

    First look: Khoobsurat 11 July 2014

    Sonam Kapoor starring Khoobsurat first look was unveiled and it seriously looked interesting. Although Sonam Kapoor was not visible in the first look poster as you can see is the half lower part of her. Khoobsurat is the remake of...

    Keywords: Fawad Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Anil Kapoor

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    Tushar Ghelani, Toyota, irresponsible customer care service turns 1 crore toyota land cruiser into donkey cart, Surat

    Irresponsible customer care service turns 1 Crore Toyota Land Cruiser into donkey cart 06 July 2015

    When the Surat based wealthy builder Tushar Ghelani was among the first 20 personalities who owned Rs 1 Crore Land Cruiser five years ago, he couldn’t have expected that one day the SUV will be turned into a donkey cart.The...

    Keywords: Tushar Ghelani, Surat, Surat, Land Cruiser

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    Team Anna, burnt posters of Anna., anna supporters in surat burn posters of anna, Surat

    Anna supporters in Surat burn posters of Anna 04 August 2012

    After the crusaders against corruption has announced its debut political party, supporters of the leader Anna Hazare were dejected at Navsari in Surat they burned the posters of Team India and India Against Corruption. The protestors against he party were...

    Keywords: Jantar Mantar, Anna Hazare, Anna Hazare, Team Anna

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    Narayana Sai charged for sexual assaults on two sisters in Surat, Asaram Bapu's Son on Lookout, asaram bapu s son on lookout, Surat

    Asaram Bapu's Son on Lookout 07 October 2013

    Asaram Bapu the self made godman who is already in judicial custody and in the Jodhpur jail since August facing rape charges on a minor girl living in his Ashram.   Now he and his son Narayana Sai were both...

    Keywords: Police searching for Narayana Sai, Asaram Bapu's Son on Lookout, Narayana Sai son of Asaram Bapu, Asaram Bapu's Son on Lookout

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    Rubina's father, Rubina's father, father immolates his daughter for eloping, Surat

    Father immolates his daughter for eloping 19 June 2012

    In yet another honour killing, a man has allegedly immolated his 20-year-old daughter for eloping with her boy friend. The girl died on the spot while her mother suffered injuries as she attempted to save her daughter, Rubina Shaikh. After...

    Keywords: honour killing in Surat, honour killing in Surat, girl set on fire for eloping, girl set on fire for eloping

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    Sonam Kapoor photos, Sonam Kapoor Mars Chocolates India, sonam as mars ambassador, Surat

    Sonam as Mars Ambassador 18 November 2014

    Vivacious lady Sonam Kapoor has been named as the brand ambassador of Mars Chocolate India and soon she will be seen in the commercial of the chocolate bar. This is first time, Sonam is representing the face of a chocolate...

    Keywords: Mars Chocolate India, Sonam Khoobsurat, Sonam Khoobsurat, Mars Chocolate India

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    Stone pelting on cops, arson, severed head of a calf found on the road tension prevail in surat, Surat

    Severed Head of a Calf Found on the Road, Tension Prevail in Surat 30 January 2017

    In a bizarre incident, head of a calf was found on the road in Surat on Monday. "Huge tension gripped the Godadara locality on the outskirts of Surat on Monday after the severed head of a calf was found on...

    Keywords: Stone pelting on cops, arson, tension, Stone pelting on cops

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    burned, Surat, leopard burned to death by villagers in surat, Surat

    Leopard Burned to Death by Villagers in Surat 04 November 2016

    In a shocking incident, angry villagers burnt a leopard to death in Surat. The incident came soon after a girl was attacked and killed by the leopard.According to the reports, Nitika, an 8 year old girl was attacked by the leopard...

    Keywords: girl attacked, Leopard, villagers, Leopard

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    heavy structure, dangerous cracks, 5 storied residential building collapses in surat, Surat

    5-Storied residential building collapses in Surat 13 December 2011

    A 5-storied residential building collapsed in Surat city of Gujarat today and there are no reports of loss of life. Reports said that the heavy structure developed dangerous cracks after construction began in an adjacent piece of land. Immediately officials...

    Keywords: 5-storied residential building building collapse in Surat, 5-storied residential building building collapse in Surat, construction, one side and collapsed

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    al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden’s dead body, osama buried 200 miles below west of surat coast, Surat

    Osama buried 200 miles below west of Surat coast 04 May 2012

    Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden's body found under Arabian Sea-320 kilometres west of Surat in Gujarat of India? Yes, confidently says Bill Warren who had been on the treasure hunt to find out the dead body of Osama Bin Laden....

    Keywords: DNA test, US officials, US officials, al Qaeda

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    man arrest, arrest, man kills 4 piglets claims daughter s death for insurance money, Surat

    Man Kills 4 Piglets, Claims Daughter’s Death for Insurance Money 17 March 2017

    In a shocking incident, a man killed four piglets and produced fake death certificates to claim insurance money in Surat. Police on Thursday arrested Ramesh Patel. "Ramesh Patel, a vegetable vendor, concocted evidence that his ‘daughters’ were charred to death...

    Keywords: piglets killed, arrest, insurance policy, piglets killed

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