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    No Salaries For SpiceJet Pilots For April And May 29 April 2020

    No Salaries For SpiceJet Pilots For April And May:- SpiceJet, India's domestic flyer today announced that its pilots will not be getting any salaries for the months of April and May. All those who are working on cargo flights will...

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    Tourism Minister, Chandulal, telangana tourism breaks new records, Spicejet

    Telangana Tourism Breaks New Records 02 May 2017

    The Telangana Tourism, broke its new records, today, when it became the first Tourism department in the country, to take its promotional activities to a new level. The innovative promotion comes in the form of an aircraft wrap, which will...

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    SpiceJet airlines, SpiceJet shares, spicejet operations stopped, Spicejet

    SpiceJet operations stopped 17 December 2014

    Oil companies have stopped fuel supply to SpiceJet flights and the operations of the airlines have been grounded since Wednesday morning.  The crisis situation is continuing for SpiceJet but the spokesperson of the airlines said, shortly normalcy will be resorted....

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    India's biggest air ticket sale, spicejet, india s biggest air ticket sale, Spicejet

    India's biggest air ticket sale! 20 February 2013

    Jet Airways announces "India's biggest air ticket sale" while they are selling air tickets at a deep discount for the next six days. Moreover, on offer, in what the airline reasons as , are 20 lakh seats on over 450...

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    spicejet struggling, spicejet net worth, operational costs clip spicejet s wings, Spicejet

    Operational costs clip SpiceJet's wings 28 September 2013

    Airlines have been facing the heat with economic airline SpiceJet struggling to stay afloat. In recent turn of events, rising operational costs have clipped the firm's net worth. This has in turn raised further concerns over the airline's ability to...

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    SpiceJet, SpiceJet co-founder Ajay Singh, travel in spicejet rs 599, Spicejet

    Travel in SpiceJet @ Rs 599 11 February 2015

    Low cost airlines, SpiceJet has launched its fourth continuous discount, offering with fares starting from Rs 599 for domestic flights and Rs 3,499 for the International flights. SpiceJet has offered 4,00,000 seats for this discount sale and 1,00,000 seats are...

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    TPG Capital, TPG Capital, spicejet sold to co founder, Spicejet

    SpiceJet Sold to co-founder 15 January 2015

    In a sign of relief to the Loss-making airlines, SpiceJet, co-founder Ajay Singh has signed an agreement with Sun Group Chairman Kalanithi Maran, who controls 53 percent stake in the airline to take over ownership, however the financial details were...

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    SpiceJet, All-women flights, spicejet runs all women flights on women s day, Spicejet

    SpiceJet runs all-women flights on Women's Day! 08 March 2013

    We salute the spirit of womanhood. On Friday, International Women's Day got off to a flying start with private carrier Spice Jet's first flights of the day being operated by all-women crew. According to a company spokesperson, all-women operations included...

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    Spicejet, Dubai, spicejet all set to shuttle between dubai delhi mumbai, Spicejet

    Spicejet all set to shuttle between Dubai-Delhi-Mumbai 09 June 2012

    Spicejet has announced the expansion of its international services. As a part of the same, a daily international flight from Mumbai and Delhi would connect with Dubai. Starting from June 25, this would be Spicejet’s third international destination. The earlier...

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    Air tickets, Spicejet, cheap air tickets for wait listed rail passengers welcome initiative, Spicejet

    Cheap air tickets for wait-listed rail passengers, welcome initiative 10 June 2015

    Railway passengers are going to have something to be happy about in the future, with a new system of giving away flight tickets for wait-listed passengers. If you have booked a ticket and it is not confirmed and is wait-listed,...

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    Spicejet flight tickets, Spicejet flight tickets, hurry up air ticket for rs 1, Spicejet

    Hurry up, air ticket for Rs. 1 15 July 2015

    Yes, as a promotional offer, SpiceJet offers 1 lakh air tickets on its selected domestic flights for just Rs. 1 SpiceJet which is known for its low ticket fares, has come forward with yet another innovative approach, regarding the promotional...

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    Air Traffic Control, IndiGo Flight, indigo and spicejet flight come face to face delhi airport closed, Spicejet

    IndiGo and SpiceJet Flight Come Face-to-Face, Delhi Airport Closed 27 December 2016

    A very major accident was prevented at the Delhi airport this morning as an IndiGo and a SpiceJet aircraft came face-to-face on the runway, allegedly because of "mis-communication". The IndiGo flight had just arrived at Delhi airport from Lucknow. their...

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    pilots fight on landing, spicejet pilots fight, midair fight two spicejet pilots clashes over landing, Spicejet

    Midair fight; Two Spicejet pilots clashes over landing 30 November 2012

    Putting 160 passenger's lives in danger, two pilots found arguing on who should land first. Ironically they are from the same airline Spicejet. The incident had occurred on Wednesday at around 7 pm when the Indore ATC cleared the Delhi-Indore...

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    India news, bengaluru news, plane loses tyre but lands safely, Spicejet

    Plane loses tyre, but lands safely 02 March 2016

    Yesterday, evening, a Spicejet plane, dropped one of its tires while taking off from Bengaluru, with 211 people inside it, but still managed to land safely. After observing the debris of a tyre, the maintenance personnel at the Bengaluru runway...

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    IndiGo, Sharat Dhall, airlines cut fares by half, Spicejet

    Airlines cut fares by half 22 January 2014

    In an attempt to get maximum bookings in summer season, Airlines have cut the airfares by 50 percent and rest of the low cost airlines are also considering to slash the prices. SpiceJet Airlines was the first among to make...

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    Jet Airways tickets, India's biggest air ticket sale, jet airways announces india s biggest air ticket sale, Spicejet

    Jet airways announces India's biggest air ticket sale! 20 February 2013

    Jet Airways announces "India's biggest air ticket sale" while they are selling air tickets at a deep discount for the next six days. Moreover, on offer, in what the airline reasons as , are 20 lakh seats on over 450...

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    Kingfisher Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, spicejet pilots moving out, Spicejet

    SpiceJet pilots moving out 08 December 2014

    Concerned about future that it would meet the fate of Kingfisher Airlines, SpiceJet Airlines pilots are looking for a job and approaching other airlines to get a job in the same industry. After fifth consecutive fall of the sessions, fund...

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    SpiceJet Summer offers, SpiceJet new offers, spicejet offers 75 discount, Spicejet

    SpiceJet offers 75% discount 24 February 2014

    SpiceJet airlines has introduced a new discount of air fares for the third successive time in this year. The new Super Sale Summer offer from SpiceJet provides 75% discount on air fares on travel between April 1, 2014 and June...

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    SpiceJet, IndiGo airways, air traffic increases in december, Spicejet

    Air Traffic increases in December 20 January 2015

    The data from the Civil Aviation Ministry said, the Domestic air traffic for December month has increased by 15.29 percent to 64.40 lakh passengers and the overall traffic for corresponding 2014 year rose by 9.70 per cent from 614.26 lakh...

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    SpiceJet, SpiceJet, spicejet s tenth anniversary celebrations tickets at rs 1 010 on a three day sale, Spicejet

    SpiceJet's Tenth Anniversary celebrations: Tickets at Rs 1,010 on a three day sale 19 May 2015

    SpiceJet on Tuesday launched a 3-day sale with tickets starting at Rs 1,010 (all inclusive) to mark  10 years of operations.The SpiceJet offer is valid till midnight of May 21 and tickets can be booked for travel between July 1...

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