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  • AP State Bifurcation, AP Speaker, speaker to study precedents on bifurcation, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Speaker To Study Precedents On Bifurcation 26 December 2013

    The Speaker Nadendla Manohar is to study the procedure that was followed by other States while the states were bifurcated. The Speaker accompanied by the Legislature Secretary S.Raja Sadaram went to Lucknow the capital of Utter Pradesh on Wednesday to...

    Keywords: Study on Bifurcation, Study on Bifurcation, Study on Bifurcation, AP Assembly

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    AP State Reorganization Bill 2013, AP State Reorganization Bill 2013, last day of assembly winter sessions, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Last Day Of Assembly Winter Sessions 19 December 2013

    Today is be the last day of the winter sessions of the Assembly and the Council. The Assembly could not do any business during the winter sessions till now except introducing the State Reorganization Bill 2013 sent by the Union...

    Keywords: Speaker Nadendla Manohar, Telangana Bill Discussions, Headlines, AP State Reorganization Bill 2013

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    T bill in Assembly, News on Telangana Bill, bandh in seemandhra assembly postponed, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Bandh in Seemandhra, Assembly postponed! 03 January 2014

    With Telangana Bill getting placed in Assembly, the Seemandhra region which is agitating for united Andhra Pradesh went for a complete shut down today. Major political parties and APNGOs have called for bandh and so the their workers have successfully...

    Keywords: Seemandhra Bandh, Political News, Political News, AP Assembly

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    Speaker Nadendla Manohar, Assembly Winter Sessions, assembly adjourned for the second time, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly adjourned for the second time 07 January 2014

    As expected the Tuesday Assembly sessions too did not get any time for debate and as a routine process Speaker Nadendla Manohar had no other choice rather than to put-off the house for a while. At 9 AM, when Assembly...

    Keywords: Slogans in Assembly, Top stories, Seemandhra TDP MLA, YSR Congress

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    CPM, Uproar in Assembly, assembly adjourned over uproar, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly Adjourned Over Uproar 16 December 2013

    Assembly session started today was adjourned for one hour as the members made noisy protests.  The Members of the Legislative Assembly belonging to Seemandhra and Telangana went to the Speaker’s podium with their respective demands for keeping the state united...

    Keywords: AP Assembly, AP Assembly Adjourned, TRS BJP demanded Telangana Bill, Samaikyandhra

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    YSRCP, Political News, assembly sessions start and gets adjourned, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly sessions start and gets adjourned 17 January 2014

    The third schedule of Assembly sessions for debate on Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill have started a while back. The opposition parties have issue indefinite resolutions and Speaker Nadendla Manohar rejected them. So opposition leaders surrounded the Speaker's podium and Manohar...

    Keywords: Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill, Telugu news, Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Speaker Nadendla Manohar

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    Debate on Telangana Bill, Political News, assembly sessions begin, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly sessions begin 03 January 2014

    Special Assembly session for debate on Telangana Bill have started today morning at 9 AM. Firstly Assembly Speaker N Manohar wished all the members of the house happy new year and later oppositions have introduced their resolutions. However Speaker Manohar...

    Keywords: Telangana Bill in Assembly, T Bill in Assembly, Special Assembly session, Speaker Nadendla Manohar

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    News on Telangana Bill, AP Assembly, voting on t bill assembly sources, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Voting on T-Bill! : Assembly sources 11 January 2014

    This may be a bitter news to the Telangana MLAs but the Assembly sources say that Voting on Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill 2013 is likely to take place at the end of debate. However, no official confirmation has been out...

    Keywords: BAC, News on Telangana Bill, Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill 2013, Telangana Bill in Assembly

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    Assembly Speaker Manohar, Telangana Bill, bac meet indefinitely ends to meet again, Speaker nadendla manohar

    BAC meet indefinitely ends, to meet again 06 January 2014

    The Assembly's Business Advisory Committee (BAC) which called for a special meeting for debate on Telangana Bill has ended indefinitely. According to the sources, YSR Congress which is firm on moving a United AP resolution in Assembly raised slogans in...

    Keywords: Assembly's Business Advisory Committee (BAC), Slogans in BAC Meet, Assembly's BAC Meet, Slogans in BAC Meet

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    AP News, YSRCP, 15 ysrcp mlas suspended for a day, Speaker nadendla manohar

    15 YSRCP MLAs suspended for a day 09 January 2014

    As YSR Congress party is demanding for United AP resolution in Assembly and have been continuously obstructing the house proceedings, Speaker Nadendla Manohar suspended 15 YSR Congress MLAs for one day. The Assembly was adjourned twice for half hour today...

    Keywords: United AP resolution in Assembly, AP Assembly, News on Telangana bill, YSR Congress party

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    TDP Tear off Draft Bill, Headlines, protesting mlas evicted at midnight by marshals, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Protesting MLAs Evicted At Midnight By Marshals 17 December 2013

    45 MLAs belong to TDP and 10 MLAs belong to YSRCP were forcibly taken out of the Assembly at midnight on Monday. The MLAs of Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress party protesting the introduction of the Telangana bill staged...

    Keywords: Speaker Chamber, Headlines, Telangana Bill, Headlines

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    Slogans in Assembly, Jai Telangana Slogans, assembly adjourned twice amid hullabaloo, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly Adjourned Twice Amid Hullabaloo 18 December 2013

    As AP Assembly started at 9.00 am, The Speaker first rejected the proposed motions of the opposition parties that made uproar in the Assembly as a result of which the Speaker Nadendla manohar had to adjourn the house for one...

    Keywords: Telugu News, Telugu News, Telangana Bill, AP State News

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    Seemandhra TDP MLAs, Political News, seemandhra tdp propose 4928 amendments in t bill, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Seemandhra TDP propose 4928 amendments in T-Bill 10 January 2014

    The Seemandhra Telugu Desam Party MLAs have proposed 4928 amendments in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill 2013 and have submitted their notice to Assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar today in the morning. 44 MLAs have personally handed over their list of amendments...

    Keywords: Telugu News, Seemandhra Telugu Desam Party MLAs, Political News, AP News

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    Samaikyandhra, headlines, jagan wants to ask speaker whether he has any sense, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Jagan Wants To Ask Speaker Whether He Has Any Sense 27 December 2013

    YSR Congress party President says that he wants to ask the Speaker of the Assembly who has gone to Lucknow whether he has any sense at all. The Speaker Nadendla Manohar has gone on tour to Lucknow and Patna to...

    Keywords: AP State Bifurcation, T Bill, Samaikyandhra, T Bill

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    Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Telangana Bill, t bill rejected by ap assembly, Speaker nadendla manohar

    T-Bill rejected by AP Assembly 30 January 2014

    The Andhra Pradesh Assembly has rejected the AP Reorganization Bill today. Resuming after adjourning by an hour in the morning, Speaker Nadendla Manohar moved the motion of CM Kiran Kumar Reddy rejection on Telangana Bill and the Assembly has agreed...

    Keywords: T-Bill, Telangana MLAs, Debate on Telangana Bill, CM Kiran Kumar Reddy

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    CM Kiran, CM Kiran, cm all set to stun high command, Speaker nadendla manohar

    CM all set to stun High command 02 January 2014

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy who is opposing bifurcation of the state right from the beginning has tightened his stand and is likely to shock its party high command. According to the reliable sources, CM Kiran might move...

    Keywords: AP Assembly, AICC Secretary Ramchandra Kuntiya, Ghanta Srinivas Rao, AICC Secretary Ramchandra Kuntiya

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    TRS MLAs, Top Stories, assembly adjourned to 17 january, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly adjourned to 17 January 10 January 2014

    The Andhra Pradesh Assembly has been adjourned to 17th of January following its completion of second round debate on Andhra Pradesh Reorganization bill 2013. Friday was the last day of debate and many leaders have expressed their voice today. Telangana...

    Keywords: Top Stories, T Bill, Gade Venkat Reddy, Etela Rajender

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    Telangana Bill, Andhra Pradesh Assembly, debate on t bill likely from today, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Debate on T-Bill likely from today! 07 January 2014

    This may sound weird but it is actually true. Ever since Telangana Bill was introduced in Assembly, members of the house have created ruckus and halted the assembly proceedings. Speaker Nadendla Manohar tried every possible way to initiate the discussion...

    Keywords: T bill in Assembly, AP News, Telangana Bill, T bill in Assembly

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    AP State News, Political News, ap state reorganization bill 2013 bare copy, Speaker nadendla manohar

    AP State Reorganization Bill 2013- Bare Copy 16 December 2013

    The Speaker Nadendla Manohar introduced the Draft Bill and circulated among the Members of the Legislative Assembly.  The Chairman of the Legislative Council Chakrapani also did the same. Click Here to read it totally- AP State Reorganization Bill 2013

    Keywords: Draft Bill Of AP State Bill, Copy Of AP State Reorganization Bill, Draft Bill of Telangana, Political News

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    AP State news, State Reorganizational Bill 2013, assembly adjourned till bac meeting, Speaker nadendla manohar

    Assembly Adjourned Till BAC Meeting 17 December 2013

    The Assembly started with the protests for and against the Telangana bill as it was witnessed yesterday. The Speaker first announced the rejection of the proposed motions of the opposition parties. The Speaker of the Assembly Nadendla Manohar then announced...

    Keywords: Telangana bill, AP Assembly Sessions, State Reorganizational Bill 2013, Political News

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