• Smokiing, Smokiing, shocking facts of weed smoking, Smoking

    Shocking facts of Weed smoking 20 April 2015

    High class societies, teenagers and few others generally take few things as prestige and smoking Marijuana is one such. But after taking knowing few facts about it, I think no one would ever dare to go for it again.After a...

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    Indian smokers, tobacco chewing, 6 25 lakh children smoking in india daily, Smoking

    6.25 Lakh Children Smoking In India Daily 17 March 2018

    6.25 Lakh Children Smoking In India Daily:- The usage of tobacco seems not to be coming down in the country. It may be shocking but a study says that 6.25 lakh children have been smoking in India and their age...

    Keywords: Smoking in India, Indian smokers, Smoking, Global Tobacco Atlas

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    e-cigarettes latest, e-cigarettes latest, indian government bans the usage of e cigarettes, Smoking

    Indian Government Bans the Usage of E-cigarettes 18 September 2019

    Indian Government Bans the Usage of E-cigarettes:- The Indian Union Cabinet approved the ban of e-cigarettes after it felt that the effects have been bad. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the habit affected the youth the most. The production,...

    Keywords: e-cigarettes news, e-cigarettes next, e-cigarettes updates, Nirmala Sitharaman

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    Health, Smoking, how to quit smoking, Smoking

    How To Quit Smoking 16 June 2016

    Are you addicted to smoking? But want to quit...Here are some tips how you can quit smoking.1. Set a Quit Date: Pick a day that’s about two to three weeks away. This gives you time to prepare for your quit....

    Keywords: Smoking, Steps, Health, Smoking

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    Union Health Ministry, NDA government, rs 20 000 fine for smoking in public, Smoking

    Rs 20,000 fine for smoking in public? 11 September 2014

    Soon, if you are caught smoking cigarette in public places, then you might end up paying Rs 20,000 as fine. The Union government is considering to increase the amount of fine by 100 times which is currently only Rs 200...

    Keywords: NDA government, Union Health Ministry, Smoking Cigarette, Smoking Cigarette

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    Heart attack to women, alcohol smoking habits cause heart attack, men don t have patent rights on heart attack, Smoking

    Men Don't Have Patent Rights on Heart Attack 05 November 2013

    Amitabh Bachchan says to Hema Malini in the movie "Buddha Hoga Tera Bap" that only men heard of dying of heart attack but not women. Most people believe that it is correct. But the truth is contrary to it. Women...

    Keywords: Heart attack to women, alcohol smoking habits cause heart attack, alcohol smoking habits cause heart attack, symptoms of heart attack

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    how to make penis strong, smoking effect on penis, 4 guy things to make wiener strong, Smoking

    4 guy things to make wiener strong 09 April 2015

    Are you worried that your partner is crossing the big finish line before you even break a sweat? There are certain things that your guy can do to help him get it up and keep it there. To avoid premature...

    Keywords: smoking effect on penis, how to make penis strong, penis problems, penis problems

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    Dr.Shivani Gour, Life Style Influences Fertility, life style influences fertility in women, Smoking

    Life Style Influences Fertility in Women? 12 December 2013

    Survey says- Yes!  As infertility rate is observed alarmingly, a survey was conducted at Delhi by Dr.Shivani Gour on 100 women in different age groups.  The age groups selected were less than 25 years, 25 to 29 years, 30 to...

    Keywords: woman’s egg, AMH test, infertility, Indian women

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    Smoking, funny videos, father caught daughter smoking what s next, Smoking

    Father caught daughter smoking, what’s next? 19 May 2016

    A father finds his daughter smoking and gets irritated. He then lands with her into a big discussion. While the daughter tries to water the fire of her father, he goes on taking new logics. Also read: Good or bad, it's...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, Smoking, viral videos

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    Smoking, Smoking, quit smoking gradually, Smoking

    Quit smoking gradually 30 January 2015

    "Regular smokers experience an almost dementia-like condition in the early hours after quitting, as suggested by brain scans," says Professor Albert Gjedde, neuroscience researcher at the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen. In the Journal of Cerebral Blood...

    Keywords: Quit smoking, Nicotine, Quit smoking, Nicotine

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    why women won’t quit smoking, smoking shed fat, weight concerns keep women to stay away from quitting smoking, Smoking

    Weight concerns keep women to stay away from quitting smoking 10 April 2015

    According to a new study published in the journal Tobacco Control stated that women smokers, who are concerned about their weight, are less likely to try to quit smoking. The study was conducted at University of Illinois at Chicago by...

    Keywords: smoking shed fat, smoking cause weight loss, smoking cause weight loss, why women won’t quit smoking

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    smoking, Lung cancer, j k lung cancer capital of india, Smoking

    J&K - lung cancer capital of India 07 March 2015

    The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) has revealed that 26.6% population of Jammu & Kashmir is using tobacco products. This has given the unique status for the state to emerge lung cancer capital of India. A.M.Mir IAS (Retd) Executive Director...

    Keywords: Lung cancer, smoking, prostate cancer, Jammu and Kashmir

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    Quitting smoking after heart attack can reduce chest pain, Quitting smoking after heart attack reduces chest pain, quitting smoking after heart attack can reduce chest pain, Smoking

    Quitting smoking after heart attack can reduce chest pain 26 August 2015

    Quitting smoking after a heart attack gives quick boost to mental health and the quality of life, according to the new study. The researchers Washington University School of Medicine have data from about 4,000 patients participating in several trials that...

    Keywords: Quitting smoking after heart attack reduces chest pain, Quitting smoking after heart attack reduces chest pain, how quitting smoking benefits heart attack patients, how quitting smoking benefits heart attack patients

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    diseases linked to smoking, Smoking leads to innumerable diseases, smoking leads to innumerable diseases, Smoking

    Smoking leads to innumerable diseases 18 January 2014

    The list of diseases linked to smoking has increased, according to a new report published by the US surgeon general. The research-based report, containing 980 pages, states smoking to be associated with diabetes, liver and colorectal cancer, erectile dysfunction, ectopic...

    Keywords: diabetes, health news, diseases linked to smoking, smokers

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    problems of smoking while pregnant, smoking causes infertility in women, passive smoking may cause infertility in women, Smoking

    Passive smoking may cause infertility in women 04 June 2015

      According to a study conducted at the Wilmot Cancer Center in US, the women exposed to second hand smoke are 68 per cent more likely to face fertility problems and can also suffer miscarriage.The study was carried out in...

    Keywords: study on second hand smoking, Passive smoking leads to infertility in women, Second-hand smoke could lead to infertility in women, problems of smoking while pregnant

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    teeth tips, smoke, secondhand smoke ruins your baby s teeth, Smoking

    Secondhand smoke ruins your baby’s teeth 23 October 2015

    When you are well aware that smoking is injurious to health, you might have also been aware of second-hand smoking, which is also injurious. Now on the same subject, the fresh study proved that, your second hand smoke ruins your baby’s...

    Keywords: smoke, smoke, teeth tips, smoking teeth relation

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    cannabis, marijuana, smoking cannabis daily can reduce memory, Smoking

    Smoking cannabis daily can reduce memory 18 December 2013

    A recent study revealed that smoking cannabis reduces memory among teenagers. Teenagers who smoked daily performed badly in memory test even when they had given up smoking the drug two years ago. The study was recently published in the journal...

    Keywords: Northwestern University in Illinois, schizophrenia, Health News, Smoking in teenagers

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    viral videos, No smoking, see the world with no smoking, Smoking

    See the world with no smoking 06 April 2016

    The cigarette pack itself says that smoking is injurious to health and there are also several public boards, advertisements on TV and other types of media, which gives the similar message. All of them only concentrated on giving the message...

    Keywords: viral videos, thought provoking videos, viral videos, thought provoking videos

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    Indigo Complaint, Indigo Complaint, indigo files complaint against tn man for smoking inside flight, Smoking

    Indigo Files Complaint Against TN Man For Smoking Inside Flight 02 August 2017

    Indigo Files Complaint Against TN Man For Smoking Inside Flight:- The Indigo airlines crew have lodged a complaint against a Tamil Nadu man for allegedly smoking inside the Doha-to-Chennai flight flight. The passenger identified as R Mohammed Ifthikar, aged 32,...

    Keywords: Inflight Smoking, Inflight Smoking, Inflight Smoking, Indigo Complaint Against TN Man

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    active smoking, Secondhand smoke updates, all you need to know about secondhand smoke, Smoking

    All You Need To Know About Secondhand Smoke 18 July 2020

    All You Need To Know About Secondhand Smoke:- Tobacco is filled with several harmful substances such as benzopyrene, lead, carbon monoxide arsenic and formaldehyde. Smoking is quite injurious to health and those who do not smoke too get exposed to...

    Keywords: Secondhand smoke disadvantages, Secondhand smoke new updates, Secondhand smoke updates, passive smoking

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