All You Need To Know About Secondhand Smoke

July 18, 2020 19:14
All You Need To Know About Secondhand Smoke

All You Need To Know About Secondhand Smoke:- Tobacco is filled with several harmful substances such as benzopyrene, lead, carbon monoxide arsenic and formaldehyde. Smoking is quite injurious to health and those who do not smoke too get exposed to the smoke. A smoker can harm his friends, family members, children and others. This is called Secondhand Smoke (SHS) and is also known as passive smoking.

It is a mixture of two forms of smoke which comes from the smoke and the lighted end of the cigarette. It has higher amounts of cancer-causing agents and is quite toxic. All those who breathe this SHS take nicotine and other toxic chemicals. It all depends on the exposure and the harmful chemicals in your body. Even the passive smoker's heart is at risk by causing the stiffening of arteries. It also increases the chances of having lung cancer and lung diseases like emphysema, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.

Breast cancer, lymphoma and leukemia are the other possibilities. Children are likely to get respiratory infections like bronchitis and asthma. Despite of strict laws imposed, people continue to smoke at public places. Workplaces too have smoking zones but the passive smokers are high and they get impacted. It is advisable to prohibit smoking in and indoor space.

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